Guest Blog: My Uganda Marathon Story – By Syed Habib

Guest Blog: My Uganda Marathon Story – By Syed Habib

Here one of our previous participants, Syed, writes about his experience of the Uganda Marathon. From signing up to training runs, to the meaningful experience of meeting the Ugandan community at the projects, as well his account of Race Day and decision to extend his time in Uganda to volunteer, here he tells his Uganda Marathon story. We join him in January when he was contemplating signing up…   As I’m sure everyone has a weird or unusual reason for signing up to do something crazy…mine was insomnia. Unable to sleep one night I had blindly signed up for the 2017 edition of the Uganda Marathon without truly realizing what that would entail or the challenging conditions I would face – particularly the extreme heat, humidity, altitude and the course elevations with monster climbs (worst of which is nicknamed ‘The Beast’). However, as the weeks and months passed, and during the course of training with the inspiring founders and young organizers of the Uganda Marathon here in the UK, I began learning more about the amazing community projects the marathon was involved in in Masaka, a small town close to the famous Lake Victoria. I was so impressed with the sustainable local projects they were supporting that I committed to remaining in Masaka for an extra week, at the end of the marathon, to volunteer at one such project. The project I chose was Masaka Vocational Rehabilitation Centre (MVRC) where kids with disability are taught vocational skills; a cause that sadly takes on much greater significance in some parts of Africa due to some archaic local superstitions and the stigma attached...
With great sadness, we are postponing the 2020 Uganda Marathon to May 2021.Read our full update here

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