Each Year The Uganda Marathon Supports Projects and Charities All Round the Masaka Region

Find out how you can support real people in Uganda, directly

How fundraising for the Uganda Marathon works

The charity projects


Each year, the Uganda Marathon receives applications from hundreds of different projects around the Masaka region. We also have a dedicated team in Masaka who are searching high and low for projects who may not have the availability to submit applications. These applications are for specific items or developments for that project.

We are supporting the UN’s Global Goal initiative that is bringing the world together in order to change it. We believe that change must come from a cohesive effort, so we are committing to make our projects fit in with the 17 Global Goals – find out more information about this below.

Once we receive the applications, we sift through them all and pick out 8-12 that are going to be the projects available to be supported by runners. This selection is based on:

  • The UN’s Global Goal initiative that we are supporting
  • The sustainability of the project & requirement
  • The impact of the project & requirement (both quantity of people and level of impact per individual)
  • The need for the requirement by the project

Once we have our projects, then you choose which one you would like to fundraise for. You’ll also have a chance to visit them in Uganda during the adventure week.

We do also offer the option of splitting your fundraising between a Uganda project and a charity of your choosing. This is up to a 50:50 split (with the higher percentage going to the UGM project)

The fundraising


Fundraising is often a big part of running any marathon and with Uganda it’s no different. One of the core values of the event is that we are giving back to a community that is opening it’s arms to us.

Our approach is very simple: We want you to raise as much as you are able to, in order to support the projects in Uganda that so desperately need your help.

This means that there is no minimum targets or requirements in order to take part. We think that a blanket target cannot be a reflection of how much each individual is capable of, or wants to fundraise, so the power is entirely on you to decide what your fundraising target should be.

The only thing that we do ask is that whatever you set your target as, you go out and smash it!

The only way that the world can change is if we do it together, and so the Uganda Marathon has teamed up with the UN Global Goals to be a part of changing the world in the next 15 years.

The 17 Global Goals are a unified, global commitment to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change. The Global Goals for sustainable development could get these things done. In all countries. For all people. But in order for the goals to work, everyone needs to know about them!

Visit the Global Goals website to find out more information

We have aimed to target each of the Uganda Marathon projects towards one of the global goals in order to do our bit for tackling them – you will be able to see which global goal the project is targeting by the icon next to the project name.

Join the Uganda Marathon to be a part of a Global drive to change the world! 

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