Today, we’re launching our Corona Virus Emergency Appeal.

Here are the breakdowns of how the money will help:

Corona Support Masaka

Uganda Marathon and our partner EcoBrix have developed the following areas of support for Masaka during these unprecedented times.

Masaka Referral Hospital:

This is the main hospital for the whole region of Masaka with a catchment area of six districts. One of the first confirmed cases of COVID 19 was found at this hospital it is at the epicentre of the region and nations crises.

It is also very under equipped for this pandemic. We have been linking with Dr Onyachi the hospital director to ensure we support the most needed and urgent processes required at the hospital. These have been identified as the following:

Gloves (disposable) boxes (100)                35,000  


Gloves(size 7.5) 50 pairs box                50,000 £11.40
Gum boots various sizes                30,000 £6.90
Theatre scrubs suits various sizes                50,000 £11.40
Alchohol hand rub 50mls                10,000 £2.30


Tents  100 seated          3,000,000 £682
Tracking of community cases Tracking for a period of 1 week 1,000,000 £227


Cleaning tools (brushes, squeezers, mops) Full set for the hospital  


Spraying pumps 20 litre              100,000 £23
Spraying pumps 2 litre                10,000 £2.30
soap (liquid) 20 Litres                40,000 £9
Soap (powder) 1 Kg                  6,500 £1.50
insecticide tins                25,000 £5.70
Serving dishes sets              350,000 £80


Mattresses 4″ with water proof cover (black or brown) 3’x6′              150,000 £34
Blankets washable                80,000 £18
Bed sheets 3’x6′ (pairs), cotton                50,000 £11.40
towels cotton                50,000 £11.40
Menstrual pads dozens                  6,500 £1.50
Drinking water Boxes (24)                12,000 £2.80
Bathing soap tablets                  3,000 70p
Meals Breakfast, lunch, supper                25,000 £5.70
Mosquito nets 3’x6′ square                20,000 £4.50
Plates dozens (melamine)                50,000 £11.40
Cups dozens                50,000 £11.40
Saucers (side plates) dozens                10,000 £2.30
Tea boiler 10 litre              700,000 £160
Toilet paper dozens                20,000 £4.50
Slippers pairs                  5,000 £1.10
Tooth brushes pieces                  1,500 35p
Tooth paste  tube                  1,500 35p
Buckets 10 litre                  5,000 £1.10
Basins 10 litre                  5,000 £1.10
Jerry cans 10 litre                  5,000 £1.10



Power systems repair          2,500,000 £568
Window glasses replacement  Across all wards  700,000 £160
Dustbins 250 litre              700,000 £160
Rechargeable lamps                80,000 £18.20
power extension cables                35,000 £8
Megaphones              100,000 £23
Wall clocks                80,000 £18.20
Washing machine Fully automatic          3,000,000 £682
Electric kettle              300,000 £68.20
Desktop phone              450,000 £102
Fridge          3,000,000 £682
Laptop and printer          3,000,000 £682


Food Security Program

2.5 million of Uganda’s population are part of the informal job sector. With a lock down in place and no public transport in operation they have no financial safety net to fall back on and no government support to rely on. With schools closed there are also more mouths to feed at home and those that were on free school meals programs have one less meal available. It is estimated that the precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 might even cause more fatalities than the virus itself. It is therefore a necessity to plan for food needs for the vulnerable in the community.






For a cost of only £10 this will feed each individual in the house for a minimum of 2 weeks and can be sublimated with food already available to these households. Each house will also receive a one page flyer of information about the food program so as they understand what to expect and don’t becoming fully reliant on the program alone.


Maize 50kg – 200,000  – £45.50

Beans 35kg – 160,000 – £37

Tractor for ploughing Fuel only – 450,000  – £102

Labour for maintaining farm *2 local staff – 400,000 per month required for 3 months 1,200,000 – £273

This program when harvested can feed 100 people when harvest is ready in two and half months.


For £4.20 you provide food security for family of four

We are in close communication with all the members of the newly established Emergency Team in Masaka so as we can ensure that we support in the best most pro-active manner.

But all this requires financial support and with crises just starting in Uganda it is imperative that we act now. So please if you can use our donate button to support our efforts to protect the incredible community of Masaka as we fight this global pandemic. 100% of all donations will be going directly to the cause without any taken for admin purposes. We all really appreciate your support.


The appeal hopes to raise £27,000 to feed hundreds of families, and prepare the Hospital and staff for the crisis.




Thank you