Here, one of our runners, Simon, tells his story of preparing to run the Uganda Marathon 2017. An experienced runner, he writes about his love of running, how the past week has gone and also looks ahead to the 7 Day Adventure – his first time traveling to Africa!

This week, we join Simon as he takes a recovery week after participating in the London Marathon…


By Simon Fox

Why I run: helping to change lives

News stories have the uncomfortable ability to wash over us. 16 million people starving of famine in East Africa, a Syrian chemical attack on innocent children and the ongoing refugee crisis across north Africa. As much as you or I have or haven’t engaged in them, they are happening today, and these situations do have one thing in common; and it’s good news…we can make a positive difference. Through giving of our compassion, generosity and finances. Through our ever increasingly connected world, we are no longer naive to those who are most in need!

Running and specifically, marathon running has been utilised by the fundraising world because of its element of challenge. The thought of turning out in your dinosaur outfit at  3 o clock on a Saturday to an 11 a-side football match, having asked friends, family and colleagues for sponsorship is ridiculous, but the idea of running 26 miles dressed up as a T-rex is, well, also ridiculous but for some reason ridiculously embraced!

So I’m running because I love a challenge but also because I want to help improve lives. Money raised will go to 2 charities in Uganda, the Suubi Centre and House of Hope of Love for Uganda. I’ll visit them in the build up week and see the impact both are having in developing skills, education, healthcare and community.

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To give is great. To give to a good cause and spur me on to running a marathon is like a buy one get one free. Doubly great!

This week running has been about recovery and sharing marathon stories! In taking school assemblies to 240 students each day I brought a question: what would your reason to run be if it were to take you the average marathon time of 4 hours 20 minutes? Through stories and stats I finished with the message of, like anything in life, if we fix all our hopes on the result and a number or grade we are bound to be at some point disappointed, but if we enjoy each moment; the support, the places, the joy of each day, the people then we will always have a reason to celebrate!

Looking ahead to Uganda I’m planning on getting in some consistent 2 hour long runs, a shorter interval session and a tempo run anywhere between 10k-20k each week. That, of course, will be between easy cycling, running and enjoying the moment! It’s great to hear about fellow runners and how you are getting on. Stay keen, stay disciplined and you’ll be rewarded with memories of smashing it up those Ugandan hills!


Week in KMs: 69km (all easy! :))

Running highlight: Group run along Stock’s bridleways!


Simon is running the Uganda Marathon for two UGM Charity Projects: ‘The Suubi Centre’ and ‘House of Hope and Love for Uganda’. You can check out his fundraising page here. Thanks for writing another great post for us Simon!



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