Here, one of our runners, Simon, tells his story of preparing to run the Uganda Marathon 2017. An experienced runner, he writes about his love of running, how the past week has gone and also looks ahead to the 7 Day Adventure – his first time traveling to Africa!
This week, we join Simon with only a few days to go until the event begins…


By Simon Fox

Why I run: The people!

When asked about anything; a meal out, a holiday or a great day at work; what comes up as the part that is enjoyed most? So often I hear that it was ‘the people that made it’. Running is no different. Since starting to run more regularly 4 years ago a new group of friends has emerged. From Parkrunners to pacers and plodders to podium takers, I’ve connected with this new group with ease, enjoyment and excitement.

With so many stories I could tell including multiple meetings with parkrunners up and down the country, chatting to nervous marathoners on route to a big race, being saved by good samaritans when lost or bonked, or debriefing with some of my best running pals over the latest training and nutrition plans, one story of running as a universal language comes to mind.

An August evening in south-west France in a little surf town called Hossegor. I was on an evening run in my shorts and vest, with sweat pouring down my forehead as I pushed along the promenade watching 6 foot plus breakers with a low sun streaming down my neck and my flowing running shadow to my side for company. Ahead was another running figure who I gained on slowly and then pulled up alongside. An older French guy with blue shorts and vest, Pier spoke no English and my French doesn’t go much past Ca Va?! However, for the next 15 minutes we ran, smiled, gestured and nodded, somehow compared PBs, and then shook hands and parted one another knowing we had each made a new running friend. With the Uganda flight 2 days away, even more than the marathon itself I am buzzing to use this language of running to meet the people of Magasa! To share in the joys, the hills, the smiles and achievements. Running is what it is because of the people you meet and I can’t wait to meet some more inspirations. Be it with locals or internationals, I know that there will be moments made to treasure and remember for a lifetime!
If you can please sponsor me to put a smile on even more faces, but also be sure to stop and appreciate the people you have met whilst on the run! 🙂


Simon is running the Uganda Marathon for two UGM Charity Projects: ‘The Suubi Centre’ and ‘House of Hope and Love for Uganda’. You can check out his fundraising page here. Thanks for writing another great post for us Simon!

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