When people hear the name ‘Ugandan Marathon’, they naturally think about the prospect of running an entire marathon (26.2 miles) in Africa. However, what some don’t realise is, alongside the full-marathon and half-marathon (13 miles), we offer a hidden gem – the 10K Race.

And that’s exactly what this blog focuses on – our very special 10-kilometre course through beautiful Uganda. Here, we list 10 reasons why it could be the perfect challenge for you this June…


1. You’ll experience running a 6.2-mile race in rural Uganda

Running in Uganda is an amazing experience, and even better during an event.

You may only be covering part of our course (see image below), but our route is designed so you still get all the best bits and same overall running experience as those doing the longer distances.

You’ll experience: an amazing crowd cheering you on, Ugandan children sprinting to join you as you run past, beautiful scenery, a grandstand finish in Liberation Square, and a big feeling of achievement, knowing you’ve completed a 10K race – in Africa!

10K Course Map

The 10K course loops around at the start, whilst the 21K & 42K route heads North, to ensure everyone has the experience of finishing their race in Liberation Square.

And if you’re thinking running 6.2 miles in Uganda seems like a daunting task, don’t forget we hold the event at the end of the rainy season when temperatures should be slightly cooler. Plus, the race starts at 8am, so you can expect to finish before the sun gets too high in the sky.


2. Running a 10K Race in Africa is an amazing thing to do for charity!

Don’t think because this is our shortest race, people won’t sponsor you. A challenge for charity is all about doing something that is challenging for you personally, in the aid of a good cause.

I guarantee people will think what you’re doing is amazing and be willing to sponsor you. After all, you’re running 10K on the Equator!


3. You’ll be helping to change lives in Uganda

Like all our races, if you participate in our 10-kilometre race, you’ll be helping to make a difference to the local community and projects we partner in Masaka.


4. It’s our most popular race!

You might be surprised to hear that our 10K is, in fact, our most popular race. Ugandans especially, love this distance!



5. It’s a great distance if you’re a beginner

Even if you’ve never run before, it’s a great first race to go for, especially if you’ve always wanted to give running a go. It’s a very realistic goal for someone new to running, giving you a nice target to train towards and allows you to build some endurance.

Plus, if you like the thought of one day completing a half marathon or even marathon, this is a great starting point.


6. It’s a great distance if you’re worried you won’t have time to train

With busy schedules, it can often be hard to fit training in. So if you’re worried about not having enough time to train, this could be the event for you. You can train for a 10K in about two months, which is less time than you’d need for a half or full marathon. It’s a realistic expectation to be able to fit training for a race of this distance around a busy schedule.

And even if you’re still not sure you’ll have two months to train, then just do your best. There’s no reason on the day why you can’t walk some of the course too if you want to!

All our events, whichever distance you choose, really are about just doing your best- for yourself and those you’re fundraising for.


7. Many runners describe it as the “best race distance”

Many runners consider a 10K to be the best distance there is. Further and more challenging than a 5K, but it doesn’t require a training regime that will take over your life. It’s a good distance too if improving fitness is your goal- you’ll notice the difference whilst preparing for a 10K.

Also, endurance is less key than in the longer events, and whilst on the day you’ll be running a while, it won’t feel like forever.


8. It’s not as far as you think…

10 Kilometers (or 6.2 miles) might sound like a lot, but here are some statistics you might find encouraging…


9. We’ll help you prepare!

No matter your level of running, we’ll be happy to help you with your training.

We have a certified Athletics coach to provide specific running advice, and resources to share such as training blogs. We also hold social training runs, for those in/near London, leading up to the event in June.

Once you’re into your training, why not join us for a 5K parkrun one Saturday? Then you’ll know you can cover half the distance prior to your race!


10. You’ll still get the same exciting 7-day Adventure as everyone else

The race itself is only an element of the 7-day trip. Along with all the 10K, half and full marathon participants, you’ll experience a weeklong festival in Uganda, with volunteer opportunities at two projects and a children’s sports day. You’ll get the chance to meet new people, get to know the Ugandan culture and see the beautiful country itself. You’ll also enjoy the community feel of race day, earn a medal for your run, and then celebrate the week in style at our big, post-run celebration.

The week really does have so much to offer, and the distance you pick won’t impact any of that. Just pick the distance which is right for you, and which will give you the most rewarding experience on Race Day!



So, there are 10 great reasons to consider participating in our 10 Kilometer race this June, especially if you’re new to running or you find the volunteering element of the week the most compelling part. This way as well, even if you don’t fancy the longer distances, you can still get involved in the magic of Race Day!

We hope you agree – we’d love to see you on the start line! 🙂

Questions? We love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch, and remember…


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