Here we interview runners who have participated in the Uganda Marathon, so they can share their stories and experiences from the 7-Day Adventure. After all, it’s their involvement which makes the week so special, from the impact they have on the Charity Projects, to the community feel they give to Race Day.

Liam decided to tag along to the Uganda Marathon when his friend signed up. Somewhat unsure what to expect as he’d ‘never really done anything like it before’, he looks back on his experience of Uganda, chats to us about KidsRunWild, his stay in our ‘Hotel Plus’ option, and running the marathon itself.


1. What made you sign up to the Uganda Marathon?

To be honest I had no input into the choosing of the Uganda Marathon – a friend of mine wants to do a marathon in every continent and I thought I would tag along to a few continents.  The other continental marathons have a lot to live up to!


2. Was it what you expected?

Again, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve never really done anything like this before.  But the whole marathon experience far exceeded any expectations I had. The way it’s run, the people you meet and the exposure to a different culture was amazing.


3. During the week you stayed at our ‘Hotel Plus’ option. How was it?

The hotel was really nice, great room and great facilities. And a bar open to the early hours selling a range of local tasty beers for roughly £1 a pint, a tad cheaper than I’m used to in London!


4. Which was your favourite day of the 7-days? Can you tell us about this day and why it stood out for you? 

Kids Run Wild was my highlight of the week. The whole day had great energy and atmosphere, everyone was in great spirits. This event took place high up on a hill (one of the many hills you get the enjoyment of running during the marathon) and the view was unbelievable – pictures could not do it justice. But just seeing all the local kids having a great time, and getting taught all the local dance moves was unbelievable. I started with two left feet and left a pro (or so I think anyway!). We even had a go at teaching the local kids some English dance routines like the Macarena.


Liam’s favourite day of the week, a sports day with races, dancing and entertainment for local children – KidsRunWild


5. What was it like to participate in our 42k event on Race Day? Are there any memories in particular which stand out from this day?

The 42k event was the toughest yet most enjoyable marathon I have ever done. I heard rumours of a legendary hill called “The Beast”, and this hill more than lived up to its legendary status.  But you forget all the pain of running a tough 42k event when every now and again you run through a village getting cheered on by all the locals and having the little children, some as young as 5 or 6, grabbing your hand and running with you, giving you energy you never knew you had.

That’s what makes the Uganda Marathon experience so great: the people.


Liam running through Bugabira Primary School, on the marathon course, getting high fives and support from the pupils!




A big thank you to Liam, the Glass Passport and Global View Photography for sharing these awesome photos with us!