Lubega Fred is one of our interns from the Uganda Marathon Youth Finance Scheme. He has been with Youth With a Vision for a number of years, however he outgrew the service that they offer to young disadvantaged Ugandans. Frederick successfully applied for our Youth Finance Scheme and we gave him the skills and funding to start a pig farming business in Masaka. He went through our internship program that teaches them finance, business administration and marketing so he now has the skills to start trading.

The Youth Finance Scheme is funded by the money raised through the Uganda Marathon, it offers loans to young Ugandan entrepreneurs so that they can go into business. The interest made off the loan repayments allows the scheme to grow and fund more young Ugandans looking to go into business.

Here is what Frederick has to say:

“My name is Lubega Fredrick, I have a project called piglets for pigs farm and it is funded by the Uganda Marathon Finance Scheme in conjunction with Youth with a Vision.

These people found me doing nothing, they called me up and they took me into internships of business administration – they funded the financial studies I went through and they lent me money to start a business. I started with 6 piglets, they were about 1 month and 2 months, and now they are 8 and 7 months, they are costing around 250,000 ugx and I am looking forward to them growing bigger in size so that I can get more money to make my business run and to make sure I can continue with my business.

I thank the Uganda Marathon Financial Scheme and the Youth With a Vision team for funding me, and for seeing my capabilities in running a business. Thank you very much for everything you are doing, I appreciate and I am looking forward to continuing to manage my business.

Thank you very much.”

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