Over the last two years, runners from all over the world have travelled with us to Uganda to do something incredible. They joined us for a week-long adventure, where they volunteered with the community they fundraised for. They enjoyed a festival atmosphere, met new people, engaged with the Ugandan culture and had unique experiences to create some very special memories for life. Then on the final day, they did the astounding- they ran a race through rural, beautiful Africa, on the Equator.

Are you thinking of joining us in 2017 as one of our International Runners? Intrigued by what you’ve read so far? Then why not check out some feedback from our runners who have lived the event themselves?

Here, 10 of our awesome 2015 and 2016 International Runners describe their UGM experiences…



The freaking most incredible day of my life!

Danica, post-race


The Uganda Marathon was a positive experience in so many ways and one I can’t recommend enough

John, reflecting on the week months later






The people of Masaka welcomed us as part of the community and how excited they were for the marathon and the work being done for the town.

Ian, speaking in his post-week interview


What an experience, the most challenging, wonderful and worthwhile thing I’ve ever done in my life with some incredible people!

Megan, post-race




The team were lovely and that is something I did know before arriving as they all communicated with us and answered our many questions beforehand via Facebook, email or phone- they really are wonderful people and it’s worth going just to meet them all! The week was a lot of fun and far surpassed everyone’s expectations!

Lucy, speaking in her post-week interview


Amazing race, beautiful scenery, awesome support from the kids along the way, and an all round epic adventure

Nikki, post-race



Adam, reflecting on his Facebook account the following year

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