Often we get asked, ‘what is the Uganda Marathon?’

And to be honest, that’s a great question! Yes – it’s a (very special) race through rural Uganda, where participants can take on a marathon, half-marathon or 10-kilometre challenge. But it’s also much more than that. Afterall, Race Day only makes up a single day of the 7-Day Adventure.

In short, it’s a week-long festival of challenge, travel, volunteering, fundraising, self-discovery and new friendships, all whilst exploring Ugandan culture and leaving an incredible lasting legacy to help the local community.

But as they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so here’s our photoblog summing up what the 7-Day Adventure is all about…


The 7-Day Adventure…

A fantastic, once in a lifetime, race…

Run with 3,000 local runners and 150 international runners – running to leave an incredible impact in Masaka (Photo Credit: The Glass Passport)


Run through this stunning country, with breathtaking views


Connect with the local people through the adventure of running (Photo Credit: Katie Pegram)


Run with the young and old of Masaka (Photo Credit: Richard Jackson)


Expect some big cheers and high-fives from the spectators (Photo Credit: Don Light)


An undulating, trail course which will be a challenge, but an exciting one with the opportunity to make a special difference to others (Photo Credit: Katie Pegram)



…But a week that is so much more: Fundraise for the causes you care about…

We have partnerships with over 10 different Charity Projects in the region – choose the causes you care about the most. For example, educating the young… (Photo Credit: Dave Cornthwaite)


Or supporting the Elderly? (Photo Credit: The Glass Passport Project)


Or maybe you’d like to support the aspiring entrepreneurs of Uganda? There are many other great causes too! (Photo Credit: Katie Pegram)


Then, meet the very people you’ve been helping through fundraising, as you volunteer at the Charity Projects…

Volunteer side-by-side with those you’ve fundraised for (Photo Credit: Dave Cornthwaite)


Get hands-on, contributing to the already massive legacy you’re leaving in Masaka through fundraising (Photo Credit: Richard Jackson)


Use your knowledge, experience and skills to mentor others (Photo Credit: David Altabev)


See the very legacy you’re leaving in Masaka, whilst lending a hand for the day! (Photo Credit: The Glass Passport Project)

Organise a sports day for the children of the projects…

Marshall the children’s races and games (Photo Credit: Katie Pegram)


A Sports Day with a difference – there’s face-painting, entertainers, bouncy-castles, music, dancing and more (Photo Credit: Katie Pegram)


Create a day for local children like nothing they’ve experienced before! (Photo Credit: The Glass Passport Project)

Explore the Ugandan Culture…

Get to know the local runners from Masaka Running Club (Photo Credit: Katie Pegram)


Try traditional Ugandan dishes (Photo Credit: The Glass Passport)


Get to know the local people and form friendships. Learn about each other’s cultures (Photo Credit: Richard Jackson)


See traditional Ugandan dance, from modern to traditional, as part of the week’s entertainment (Photo Credit: The Glass Passport Project)

Make new friendships and join a community…

Make new friends as you share incredible experiences over the week, and then stay in touch afterwards through the event’s community (Photo Credit: David Altabev)


Discover more about yourself…

Many of our participants find the week such a powerful experience, it leaves a lasting impact on their own lives. New experiences, special memories, lasting relationships with the projects and new found friendships… (Photo Credit: Adam Swallow)


…and for some, even bigger changes. Gee’s involvement in 2015 led her to change her career and moving to Uganda!


Emily too, found the week so insightful in helping herself figure out what she wanted in life, it was the launchpad for her making many big changes too once she returned home.


Choose your distance…

Choose the right challenge for you, whether you run, jog or walk that distance

Choose your accommodation…

Camp in the hills of Uganda at Athletes’ Village… (Photo Credit: Dave Cornthwaite)


Enjoy drinks around the campfire (Photo Credit: Dave Cornwaite)


Or enjoy more of the home comforts in Masaka’s best hotel!


Overall, leave an incredible legacy

The 7-days is all about helping the people of Masaka by doing your best – no matter how much or little you’re able to fundraise (The Glass Passport Project)


Then together, with all the International Runners, you’ll help leave a very special legacy in Uganda in 2018, helping the people of Masaka now, and for many generations to come! (The Glass Passport Project)



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