The road to recovery is going to be a long one.

Uganda in the wake of COVID-19

Individuals, families, small & large businesses, communities and countries across the world have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdowns imposed to prevent its spread. As the virus itself becomes contained, what will be left is a massive and heartbreaking damage to the economies of communities around the world, and millions, who have completely lost their livelihood, will struggle to feed and support themselves and their families.

Whilst no country has been spared from the impact of the virus, those without a stable government infrastructure have been hit hardest. Uganda is now in its 4th month of full lockdown, which has included bans on shops & restaurants, public transport, tourism, schools, gatherings – almost all aspects of life.

The consequences of this lockdown have been severe for its citizens. Teachers have not received a wage since March, small businesses, who rely heavily on cash sales, were not able to trade properly for months, and the thousands of people who rely on Uganda’s tourism industry have gone most of this year without any work whatsover.

To make the situation worse, the Ugandan government have not met the demand for support during these difficult times. There has been little to nothing in the way of financial aid or welfare, particularly to rural communities most in need. With just 17% of Ugandan’s having a bank account, let alone savings, and 1 in 3 of the population having to make payments on a loan during these times, the impact of lockdown on the Ugandan economy is a crisis.

Sustainable Tourism is the solution

As developed nations come out the other side of lockdown, and for those who are fortunate enough to still afford to travel, it is each of our responsibility to support the communities and businesses who have suffered most through COVID-19. This is as simple as choosing responsible tour companies who channel their money into the communities that you visit on your trip, rather than large corporations who focus on maximising profits for shareholders.

The Uganda Marathon is committing to make sure that the 2021 Uganda Marathon – An Adventure Like No Other! Is dedicated to helping the Masaka community, who host this incredible event, get back on their feet after this lockdown, which has taken so much from them. Our studies have shown that for each runner who participates in the event, over $8,000 of economic value (which is made up of jobs, education and local trade) is put into the local community.

This has always been a central part of our responsible tourism policy but for 2021 it is more important than ever!

Our commitment centres around trade, not aid. At this stage, the people in Uganda have a much greater need for tourism and trade, rather than donations. This will help them get back on their feet and kickstart small, local business again, which will boost local jobs and help people support their families.

We want to offer you the chance to do more with your holiday in 2021. Spend your money responsibly to support incredibly deserving people, by registering for a lifechanging adventure in rural Africa.

Our COVID guarantee

With the impact of COVID-19 ongoing, and uncertainty rife within the travel industry, we remain very hopeful that we will be able to safely hold The Uganda Marathon 2021 in June next year. However, we have launched with a very simple amendment to our booking policy – if the event cannot go ahead, or any individual is unable to participate, due to COVID-19 or restrictions caused by it, then their place will be deferred to our 2022 event without any additional cost.

Register for the Uganda Marathon, have one of the best weeks of your life and help rebuild a community in the wake of COVID-19.