By Eric Barigye

Welcome back to our weekly blog which will be focusing on a particular aspect of Ugandan life and using it to teach more about the people and place that plays host to our Adventure Like No Other. 

This week we feature a poem, kindly written by Lisa Nabuchabo, which gives us insight into what the Pearl of Africa, her home country, means to her. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama and Film in Kampala – the country’s capital city. 


The Pearl of Africa.


Draped leaves rustle their way towards a blessed Motherland.


The lavish green runs far and wide across a nation dipped in the glory of diversity.

It shines through the eyes of its people, 

A light that kisses you like the morning sun 

Perched in reflection, mirrored in perfection

Looking nature straight in the eyes in gratitude.


A land of growth where even stories are cultivated and sprout to remind us who we are.

We feed and nurture them in quest for our place to remain home and indeed it is home.

It is the pearl that Africa continues to wear around her neck, a beauty that never gets weary.


A land where peace settles at the entrance of a house as our farmers leave at dusk,

With assurance of returning with fruitful harvest.


Draped leaves rustle their way towards a blessed Motherland.


A Mother who’s wild is wild enough to live life like in a banquet on the savannah,

Where wildlife brings our culture to life, 

We are one with a land that continues to whisper at night,


“You are safe child; tomorrow is full of wonder and opportunity. Rest easy”





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