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Following our recent blog to help boost your fundraising, we’ve got some more fundraising support as the 7-day adventure fast approaches!

Below we’ve got specific examples of how your fundraising can make a big difference to people of Masaka. With values ranging from 50p to over £1,000, there’s something for everyone, no matter your target or how much you’ve currently fundraised. Not only can these serve as goals to inspire you in your fundraising, but if you communicate these to potential sponsors, it can actually increase your fundraising!

When people can visualise how their money is helping, they’ll feel more of a connection with the cause as they’ll understand exactly how their money is making a difference. For example, I feel quite strongly about education as a cause, but when I see Joe Bloggs is fundraising for Youth with a Vision, and I see £25 will pay for an internship, I’d be much more likely to sponsor him. Not only is it for a cause I care about, but I understand exactly how I’m helping (by providing an internship for a student), on top of supporting my friend Joe,

Also I was only planning to sponsor Joe £20… but then I see an extra £5 will help shape a student’s education, so I decide to add extra as I can see what amount will help).

We hope this list helps you with your fundraising, and don’t forget your money works collectively with other runners too, even if you’re fundraising for a specific project. Just by fundraising and contributing towards some of these targets, you’re doing something incredible! Thank you! You are helping to leave an incredible legacy in Masaka! 🙂


Bugabira School

For every £400 you raise we can build one classroom!!!

Furthermore, for every £6 we can give the school a football, netball or volleyball, helping to give the children access to physical education.


Kitovu Mobile

For £280, we can give another family a dairy cow and structure to house it.



For just 60p, we can provide a one-week old chick to go towards the 500 required to create a sustainable business that can fund all of STEP’s monthly overheads.


Rugby Tackling Life

£200 means a rugby coach can train three different schools in Masaka how to teach women’s rugby, so they can pass this onto their pupils.


Youth with a Vision

£25 allows one young person to complete a 3-month internship and gain business skills for life.

£200 gives a young person the financial opportunity to start their own business and become and an entrepreneur.

£25 allows a volunteer business mentor to travel and see the young person’s business, giving invaluable advice and support first-hand, for up to a year.



£150 will provide a solar dryer that can increase AICOD’s mushroom production, to sell even during the rainy seasons. This will increase their capacity to reach the rural Mama groups they support.

For £4000 we can buy a 4×4 and enable social workers to reach the most remote sufferer of mental illness & learning disabilities (no matter the weather), and give emotional support and training to their families.


Women’s Soroptimits

£80 allows for a chilled juice dispenser to be brought – this will allow the women to start up a sustainable business.

£130 pays rent for one month for a centrally located shop so 3 women can be employed in their own start-up.

50p buys all the material needed to make 6 sanitary pads in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.


Suubi Centre

£2,000 will build a well for Suubi to allow both the Suubi Centre and the community to have access to water throughout the year.



Fundraising £200 will be enough to enable a fire damaged poultry project to be restored back to a working business. This will mean over a 100 people a month can benefit from human rights advice and lawyer representation.



£80 will provide a pig for the group. This will allow the project to have diversity in their business and ensure sustainability for their vital community work.


House of Love and Hope for Uganda

Only £5 buys all the educational holistic materials that enable a student to attend school for 3 months.


If you’d like more information on the projects, feel free to check out the project pages, and if you have specific questions, you’re very welcome to drop the team a message- we’d love to help!

All the best of luck with your fundraising and training over these final few weeks.

Ekkkk……….not long now!! 🙂

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