Areas of work

Alleviating hunger through agriculture education.

A SCOPE staff member showing a UGM team member one of their gardens

Land is extremely difficult to manage in Uganda. With such a rich climate, often the problem is not how to get things to grow but how to stop things from growing. SCOPE aims to expand the minds of communities by demonstrating to them that any land can be utilised to generate income and provide food alternatives.

SCOPE has found their success through targeting schools and creating food forests that provide a teaching tool as well as a vast range of healthy food supplements for the pupils – their mission is to implement food forests in 150 schools by 2025. Schools are a good tool to get deeper into the network of a community, so SCOPE have been able to demonstrate and teach their work to a much wider local audience.

In 2018, The Uganda Marathon runners supported SCOPE to build 3 food forests for schools, and now we are excited to be part of their biggest training and outreach program to date!

This is where you come in!

2019 Goals for SCOPE

  1. To build 2 more Food Forests in Masaka based schools.
  2. To have trained a minimum of 50 community leaders in the development of Food Forests.
  3. To have directly supported 550 vulnerable students gain access to school lunches.

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

Your fundraising will enable SCOPE to not only create 2 more school Food Forests, offering a healthy diet and farming education for the young pupils there but also provide a mass training of community leaders made up of headteachers, religious leaders, district officials, and civil society organisations.

The inspiration for this has come from the amazing story of what happened during the building of Bijubwe Primary School food forest. During the creation, Kiruguraa District officials and other head teachers visited the site and were so amazed by the transformation that they enacted a district-wide program that was launched so that all government schools had food forests created.

Your fundraising can enable SCOPE to hold mass training sessions as they build 2 school food forests, inviting Masaka community leaders to come and play an active role in the design and implementation of the forests.

Each school food forests saves the school on average, 3,000,000 UGX ($800) a term on feeding costs, and a household who implements the ideas learned from the food forest can expect to see an increase in their yield by 40%.

These savings allow the school to ensure malnourished children that can’t afford school lunches are able to get a healthy nutritious meal.

Run The Uganda Marathon and help schools across Masaka gain food security and sustainably feed their pupils

A tool used by SCOPE to grow crops

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