Kakunyu Parents Support Association

Areas of work

Working with young disabled people to offer them:

  • Education
  • Therapy
  • Care

Discrimination and lack of care for the disabled in Uganda is at a heartbreaking level. The severe lack of knowledge or awareness means that people with disabilities are very often not given any opportunities to succeed at all.

The story of Mary Kabiito however, is one of awe! After giving birth to 4 severely disabled children, her partner left her. But, rather than get disheartened, she instead built an organisation that now cares for and educates 31 boarding disabled students, and many more day students, from the surrounding community.

Sadly the discrimination of the disabled is so high in Uganda that the 31 disabled children that attend the school have all but been abandoned and are now the sole responsibility of Kakunyu Parents Association. This is a huge undertaking, especially with the limited resources the school has. The challenge that Mary has is that she needs to adequately feed all her pupils, who continue to grow in number every term as the association’s works means more children are dropped at the site every term.

This is where you come in…

2019 Goals for Kakunyu Parents Support Association

  1. The school to save $213 a month from buying food.
  2. To create an educational food forest that can ensure a healthy diet for 31 disabled boarding students as well as the day students.

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

The solution that your funding can achieve is to build a large horticultural garden on the association’s two-acre plot of land. The plot has a ready available water source and is very close to the school grounds, so is easy to manage. By linking with local experts your fundraising will help plan an incredible food forest, which will not only supply the school with crops throughout the year, but can generate enough for sale in the local market of Kinoni.

By helping us fundraise for this incredible work, we can guarantee food security for this most vulnerable group of individuals.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Distance to project: 15 minutes

This will be a fun physical day creating food forests within the school grounds. You’ll be working with local experts and the beneficiaries to develop and create a planned garden that will supply the school with food for the students. Alongside the gardening, there will be art sessions conducted with the disabled beneficiaries that can’t take part in the physical labour.

You will get the chance to kickstart the project that you are funding and get to know the disabled beneficiaries who will tell you about their lives and how your fundraising is going to make a real impact.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

This project will make you fall in love instantly so come join us and run in the name of Kakunyu Parents Association and support disability education.

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