Elite Uganda

Areas of work

Working to support teenage mothers in Uganda through

  • Reintegration into education
  • Youth vocational skills
  • Youth business start-up

A group shot of the young mothers with the team from Elite Uganda

Out of the 1.2 million pregnancies recorded annually in Uganda, it is estimated that a staggering 25% are teenage pregnancies and an astonishing 57% of them give birth before the age of 16. Elite Uganda target these teenage mothers to help them continue their education and be able to support themselves financially.

Elite Uganda understands that everyone is an individual and that no singular care plan fits all. Because of this, they work with each young mum to allow them to decide on the type of support that best fits their needs and situation.

Elite Uganda offer three different support plans:

  1. You can choose to re-join formal education at the position you left
  2. Start preparing for Primary Leaving Exams through local exam centre. The aim is to pass exams to ease a transition into secondary school
  3. Alternative Education Programs – learning a vocational skill, starting up your own business

This is where you come in…

2019 Goals for Elite Uganda

  1. Increase the number of beneficiaries undertaking their own confectionary business by 100% supporting 200 young mothers.
  2. Create 10 collectives of 20 young mothers, each with their own management systems and linked to a skilled business mentor.
  3. Create effective collectives that after 3 months of operations can save $133 monthly to be used in emergencies by collective members.

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

Currently, Elite Uganda has 100 young Mums undertaking option 3. They have found a great deal of success in teaching baking and basic business management, supporting their beneficiaries to form collectives and start their own confectionary enterprises. Over the past 18 months, their products have been penetrating the market and they are in the great position of not being able to supply enough product for the demand.

With your support, we not only want to continue this incredible initiative but also help grow it to 200 beneficiaries.

This can be achieved by buying vital kitchen equipment and raw materials that will allow production to run for the first 3 months. This funding will kickstart the project and allow the mothers to gain experience, customers, and profit, helping them to continue on their own.

So by choosing to fundraise for this project, you can support 200 vulnerable young mothers gain independence and support their young family.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Distance to project: 15 minutes

You’ll be working alongside the youths, understanding their confectionery business and inputting ideas on how to grow and market in the future. You’ll be put into groups with the youths, learning the techniques from them of how to bake the confectionary items on local stoves, using their community techniques. Then later, you’ll work with them to help develop their business plans focusing on marketing and distribution.

All the while, hearing the stories from the local youth beneficiaries about their lives, and how your fundraising is going to make a real impact.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Come out and have the most incredible week and raise funds for Elite Uganda, supporting young mothers fight against prejudice and give their children a bright future.

Young Mothers during a baking lesson on how to make various confectionaries.

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