If you can run 1km, you can run 5km
If you can run 5km, then it’s really not too hard to stay in rhythm to 10km distance

If you can run 10km, then just that little bit more focus takes you to 21km, half marathon
If you can run a half marathon then you are already halfway to a full marathon
If you can run a full marathon, then yours is the world my son and everything in it

At age 13 I was lucky enough to try my hand at skiing on a school ski trip. Naturally, at an all boys school this meant for a learning curve steepened by competitiveness. On my second day the other chaps decided it was time to take on a black run and I, having only just snowploughed my way down a blue, didn’t quite no how to say ‘No’ nor did I have any inclination to do so and thus leave myself open to ridicule and significant loss of face in front of my peers. As we walked to the lift I confidently turned to the most competent skier and covered myself by pandering to his ego “You’re the best skier here any tips on how to tackle a black run?”. What he said next was so awesome that it has stuck with me ever since and has helped define how I view any new challenge.

“A black run is identical to a blue run, its just steeper – you’re still skiing though”

Brilliant, genuinely brilliant!
A challenge is as big as you tell yourself. That’s it.
There is excellence in such simplicity.
And with this simplicity comes a whole new world of achievement lying right at your door.

As my unsubtle bastardisation of Rudyard Kipling displays, the transition up the distances is only as hard as you make it.
A marathon is identical to a 1km run, it just takes longer – you’re still running though.

Can you complete a marathon? Yes, and you will truly love the journey up to the race. You will love the finish line. You will love yourself afterwards.
The very word ‘Decide’ comes from the latin word ‘decidere’ which quite literally means ‘to cut off’. When you decide to finish a marathon, you are cutting yourself off from any chance that you might fail.

If you decide, you achieve…

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