Feeding 2000 Vulnerable Households during the Lockdown

Feeding 2000 Vulnerable Households during the Lockdown

Like many countries across the globe, Uganda currently finds itself under strict lockdown in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst its population. Luckily, to date, the nation’s number of reported cases has remained low – there have only been 126 confirmed cases and no deaths. However, as Joshua (who has lived in Masaka all his life) highlighted in our last blog, the lockdown presents a host of problems which could be potentially more threatening to the community than the virus itself. For a heavily based cash economy such as Uganda, where the welfare safety net is practically non-existent, not getting to work is a huge issue. It means people can’t feed themselves or their families. Having a bank account is a rare thing in Uganda, so falling back on savings is not an option. Many live out of the cash in their pocket. What people earn from a day at work, often feeds them the next, and so on. There is no plan B for the majority of families. No other support is coming. Compounding the harsh reality of what a lockdown means for the nation, is the fact that this status quo looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Currently, businesses are closed, curfews are in place and public transport is banned. Whilst many European countries tentatively look to slowly move to a ‘life after lockdown’, they have the luxury of developed healthcare systems to support them through the transition. In contrast, Uganda’s healthcare system is much more basic and fragile. For example, there are only 55 intensive care beds in the whole country, and...
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