Global Goals
The UGM’s work is now complimenting a world wide movement.

We’re excited to announce, as of late 2015, the Uganda Marathon has teamed up in support of the United Nations Global Goals for sustainable development.

This mean the marathon is now part of a massive global drive to make the world a better place.

What is it?

The United Nations Global Goals initiative seeks to bring the world together, in order to change it. It began in September 2015, when World Leaders committed to 17 goals to do three things: end extreme poverty, fight inequality & injustice, and finally, fix climate change. Each of the 17 goals are linked to fixing these three main problems.

The image at the top this post shows each of the 17 goals, which are all very exciting! Collectively they aim to change lives on a global scale.

If you’d like more information on the Global Goals initiative, you can visit their website, or if you prefer they have a pretty inspiring video too!

Why has the Marathon partnered up with UN Global Goals?

We believe that change must come from a cohesive effort, so we are committed to making sure our projects, and how we support them, fits in with the 17 global goals, outlined by the UN. This means our runner’s fundraising not only contributes to long-term, sustainable ways of improving lives in Uganda, but also contributes to a global programme.

We’ve now updated our project pages, so when you choose the project you want to support, you can see which global goal you’re helping too.

If you decide to run the Uganda Marathon…

By running the Marathon (or our half marathon or 10K course), and doing your best to fundraise over the next few months, you’ll be supporting a worldwide effort to eradicate poverty, disease, illiteracy and unequal rights.

Working to support the UN Global Goals, we’ll ensure every penny you raise goes to projects that will make a real impact over the next decade. The event is also on track to become the largest fundraising event in Ugandan history. Alongside 200 other runners, you’ll be helping to create legacy.

So, fancy helping to change Uganda, and the World?