The act of running is the greatest leveller we know. It holds no prejudice. Kings can run with paupers, world champions can run with novices, friends can run with enemies, grandparents can run with children – the sport transcends race, gender and age. You need neither talent nor wealth – you simply need the will to stand up and just run. Humans have been running since our first existence. It is how we have survived, how we evolved. Without running our species would not still be here today. It is humanity in its most natural form.

The beauty of the sport is that a great runner is not measured by the gold medals around their neck. Nor the world records they hold. No. A great runner is measured by the way they carry themselves, the confidence they , the way they speak to their colleagues, their friends, their enemies. A great runner is measured by the strength they imbue in their children, the happiness of their family. The joy they create on simply entering the room. It is not distance, nor time that counts, but the strength that lies within. Some days are good and some days are bad – but on each day that you run, your spirit has the opportunity to rise, to soar…your spirit runs free. And so, a great runner is measured by the impact they have on society, the impact they have on the world.

What will your impact be?

Now, a marathon is one of the greatest challenges any human can undertake. There may be people who run farther or faster, but there is something magical about those 26.2 miles and the joy of the finish line is a simple, wonderful feeling of a journey undertaken, a journey completed Crossing the finish is your personal celebration, only you know what it took. Only you know the battle that has been fought, against nature, against your body, against your mind. Take in the moment, bask in the relief, feel that hard-earned pride and know that though the pain will pass this moment, this celebration of you, this will forever form part of your character.

So let’s bring running home, to it’s birthplace…to the cradle of humanity itself. If you want to run fast – go race in Berlin, if you want a hard race head to Comrades. But if you want a race that becomes so much more than just a personal achievement, a race where you will truly see, feel and understand the impact you’ve made…then Uganda Marathon is the race for you. The very kids who are offering you water are the very kids whose lives you are changing. This is not just another marathon, it is an entire, all-encompassing experience that links the runners and the donors, to the actual projects you worked so hard to raise for. Feel empowered as you choose your project and know that your name will be forever be etched in the history of Masaka town.

So we invite everyone to race with us, to run with us. To enjoy the finest Ugandan hospitality. To explore East Africa. To bring a community together. To bring a future to those who are most vulnerable. To truly impact the world. On 24th May 2015 come run with us in what will undoubtedly be a race like no other….

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