In the last few days, the UGM team has been busy adding the final touches to the Uganda Marathon 2016’s week…and here it is!

As I read the schedule myself (prior to writing this), my reaction in a word was… WOW. As someone who ran the event last year, the 2016 schedule brought all the great memories of the 2015 event back to me. And this year’s event is set to be even bigger and better. Personally I can’t wait for June, and for everyone who is about to experience the Uganda Marathon for the first time- you’re in for quite a treat!

Without further delay, for those coming to Uganda this June (and those who snap up our last few places before they sell out), here’s the programme for the Uganda Marathon 2016.

Day 1: Arrival Day (Tuesday 31st May)

On day one the team will meet you at Entebbe airport and transfer you to Masaka town, where the six-day adventure is held. On the way, we’ll stop off at the equator for a photo.


Last year’s runners at Entebbe airport (above) and below, some of our runners getting a photo on the equator

Once in Masaka, we’ll provide lunch and give an orientation of the campsite and town. Our local team will also provide local language and culture lessons, and you’ll have a chance to relax and explore where you’re staying (whether that’s the Athlete’s Village or the hotel.)

In the evening, we’ll all have dinner together and drinks around the campfire.

 Day 2: Project Visits & Volunteering (Wednesday 1st June)

The second day will be your first chance to volunteer at one of our 11 projects! This presents the opportunity to see a Ugandan charity-project up close, seeing first hand where you’re fundraising is going and meet the people you’re helping.


In the evening, they’ll be entertainment at the Athlete’s Village with local, Ugandan musicians playing. The bar will be open as well, with a range of drinks available.

Day 3: Project Visits & Volunteering (Thursday 2nd June)

A chance to visit another of our 11 projects, and help make a long-term, sustainable difference to another of our projects and its people, which will last for years to come. You choose the project you visit, so you can help a cause that is of personnel importence to you.


After another day of getting to know our projects, we’ll have drinks around the campfire, celebrating and reflecting on the week so far, with new made friends.

Day 4: Kids Run Wild Day (Friday 3rd June)

For many of our international runners, this was their favourite day last year! Help organise and marshall a children’s sports day. But it’s much more than that, with a bouncy castle, face painters, music and dancing, all for local street children, school pupils, disadvantaged and disabled children, and basically all of Masaka! It’s like putting on a big festival for the local community!



In the evening you’ll have two options. For those who wish to dance the night away, we’ll have a trip to a local nightclub. Alternatively we’ll also have some entertainment at the campsite with the bar open, if you prefer to stay at camp and relax.

Day 5: Super Saturday (Saturday 4th June)

Relax and rest before race day. On Super Saturday we have a number of events planned, including a Unconference (hosted by Escape the City and some other great organisations). They’ll also be some games and arts & crafts lessons.


In the late afternoon/early evening, we’ll have a pool party at the hotel, and then a pasta party and the race briefing, for the following day.


Day 6: Race Day! (Sunday 5th June)

It’s the big one! Race Day!

Day six will start bright and early as we head down to Liberation Square, with the marathon and half marathon beginning at 7am. A hour later the 10K will start at 8am. Enjoy your race as you experience the beutiful scenery, the amazing Ugandan crowds, and race alongside 150 other international runners…and 3,000 local runners!

When you cross the finish line victoriously, you’ll have a chance to relax and purchase some local snacks to refuel. They’ll be a street party to enjoy as you celebrate with your fellow international runners and local people, knowing you did it- you completed your race!


Later on in the evening, after a well-earned rest and chance for a massage, we will all gather at the Athlete’s Village for a BBQ, award ceremony and BIG party to celebrate the day, and entire week!

Day 7: Onward Day (Monday 6th June)

This one gets a tad emotional, as you say goodbye to new found friends and journey onwards, whether it’s returning home or venturing onto one of several extension options. Expect a filling breakfast, then plenty of emotional goodbyes!

Throughout the Week…

Our team will host training runs and morning workouts. There will also be yoga sessions available, and opportunities for other sports such as football with the local people.

Like everything listed above though, these are all optional.


And there you have it…this will be the phenomenal week that is going to be the Uganda Marathon 2016! With a race day, three days of volunteering, a chance to explore Ugandan culture and make new friends from all over the world, it’s going be a week like no other!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter. The team is very happy to answer your queries, but if you would like to join us for the week in June, and 10K, half marathon or full marathon, don’t delay- we have now sold over 90% of our places.


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