We’re enormously proud to be contributing to the local community. Not only will the race bring over a hundred thousand pounds to the local economy, it will also directly help many local causes for this marathon.

These are our friends at Bugabira Community school- one of these causes the Marathon is helping- and runners can fundraise directly for.


Bringing together children from families devastated by AIDS, Bugabira educates, and in many cases houses and feeds, these children for free. As you can see here it is a wonderfully happy place, and we are incredibly proud to invite all the children you see in this photo to take part in the KidsRunWild race, which takes place the Friday before the marathon, over the final 2km of the main marathon route.

All our international runners have the opportunity to marshal the race, and then present a child with not only their finisher’s medal, but a gift of pens and stationary (in incredibly short supply in the underfunded school).

Returning the favour, on Sunday the children will be our guests of honour on the finishing straight, cheering you on to cross the line, and then presenting you with your beautifully carved wooden finishers medal. (We’ll leave the handing over of your post-race beer to the grown-ups though!)

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