This project supports children in school to increase retention for pupils in Primary Education.

Staff at SOCODI posing for a photo

Primary education in Uganda is supposed to be free, however it is badly underfunded by the government with just 2,000 UGX ($0.55 USD) funding for each student per term. For this sum, the school is meant to cater for the pupil and cover the staffing needs. This is an unrealistic expectation, which means the “free” government primary education is required to be topped up by parents and teachers contributing.

Support Organisation for Community Development was founded in 2014 and covers all areas of community support, with a focus on education, agriculture, water & sanitation, HIV & AIDS and Child Protection. They achieve this by directly working with 20 community volunteers who are managed by a team of 6 community facilitators. 

The Uganda Marathon 2020, with support from the runners, will be focusing with SOCODI on Education support. This is a key area as 10% of pupils drop out of school at primary level, without a basic education.

2020 Goals for Support Organisation for Community Development

  1. 100 pupils retained in school through scholastic material support after six months of money being donated
  2. 2 youths being trained and supported to start their own safe Boda Boda business by the end of 2020

How your fundraising will help us achieve the goals


Their solution to increase retention in schools is to support them by contributing scholastic materials that will add 8,500 UGX ($2.32 USD) funding for each student per term. The additional funding will go towards the care of the pupil, for example a nutritious meal every day at school, which is a big incentive for the child not to drop out.

 The Director for SOCODI taking us for a tour around the school

However, SOCODI do not inted to just donate these materials. School’s relying on ongoing partner donations is a proven unreliable model as donations depend too much on cash flow, and it takes a lot of staff time to chase funds. Instead, SOCODI are launching a tried and tested system of creating a safe Boda Boda (motorbike taxi) transport option in Masaka, renting out motor bikes to newly trained youth. 

Boda Boda motorbike taxis is a huge but highly unregulated market. Drivers only require a motorbike to start transporting people around and helmets are very rare. This puts passengers at a huge risk of harm or injury. Safe Bodas is a movement that is encouraging higher regulation, training and safety gear for Boda Boda drivers. The youth will be trained in safe driving, basic first aid, and even relaying HIV and AIDS prevention techniques to this high risk population. SOCODI are adding both youth support and a sustainable model to their impact.

Under this system, for every Boda Boda, at a cost of 4,500,000 UGX ($1,216 USD) 50 pupils can be supported with scholastic materials of 8,500 UGX per term, as well as two youths and their families gaining an income through the safe Boda Boda transport.

This project also has a built in growth plan as they plan to save 2,250,000 UGX ($608 UDS) every two years to pay for a new Boda Boda, which can be added to the fleet. 

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Many of this project’s wide ranging beneficiary base have small subsistence farms, which with the proper guidance can produce a yield great enough to cover most of the nutritional needs of their family. On the legacy day, you will be establishing a demonstration garden that will be used to show the beneficiaries how to get the best from their small farm.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.