This project helps children in the Kyimanya community who’s families are unable to afford a primary education.

Lesson time at Rinah Kindergarten

Whilst primary education is supposed to be free in Uganda, there are not nearly enough public schools to meet the educational needs of a country whose children make up 50% of the total population. It’s estimated that one in five children in Uganda is uneducated with the worst numbers in rural and semi-rural places, like Masaka, where free education is few and far between. Families just cannot afford to send their kids to school.

Rhinah started in 2008 as a Kindergarten to meet the needs of the local rural community of Kyimanya. Since then, the school has been growing quickly and they now have 102 children who study there up to the end of Primary 7. What makes this developing educational program stand out is that they ensure 4 out of every 10 students are sponsored by the school to attend for free or for a contribution in kind.

Currently, 40 students are registered on the school’s bursery program but word has started to carry and the school has a backlog of vulnerable children who would be eligible to join. In order for the school to ensure they are supporting the most vulnerable of pupils, the leadership team carry out home visits to assess children on an individual basis. This allows for the best possible system to be put in place for the child’s support.

Rhinah Kindergarten and Primary School now need support in attracting more paying students to sustainably funding them. To do this they must update the facilities at the school to offer a better education for all its pupils.

2020 Goals for Rhinah Kindergarten and Primary School

  1. To add a further 14 pupils to the bursery program, supporting a total of 54 vulnerable children by the start of 2021 academic year.

How your fundraising will help us achieve the goals

In order for Rinah to sustainably increase the number of children on their sponsorship scheme to 54, they need to attract more paying students, and to do this they need better and more attractive facilities.

 Mr Kitamirike showing the UGM team around Rhinah.

Currently, the buildings at the school are made from timber and wood without proper windows. The buildings leak and it’s very disruptive to the children’s learning, particularly during the rainy seasons. With your fundraising support, Rinah would like to build a brand new 3 classroom block that can accommodate up to 135 pupils.

They have already made a start on this thanks to support from the local community, much of which is down to the contributions in kind from parents of children on the sponsorship program, the parents and teachers association came together to make the bricks that will be used for the building.

Not only does this help the school, but Rinah will also open their facilities to the community during holidays to give local children additional education and help with homework, as well as a safe area to socialise and play.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Rinah Kindergarten is in desperate need of a play ground. Research shows that having a creative space for children to play vastly increases their capacity to learn and so you’ll be building the children a school play ground for them to play in during break times.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Local Hero Profile

DIRECTOR – MR  TENDO PETER PADDY professional teacher

Aged: 35

Peter resides in Kimaanya.

Peter has knowledge about education and teaching and when he noticed a gap in the community education system, which mainly caters for only the well-off children neglecting the less advantaged as well as the marginalized especially the girl child.

Given his teaching background and love for quality education, he decided to start up a school on his piece of land within Kimaanya ‘B’ to address the observed challenges.

He is now happy for the cause that has so far seen over 180 vulnerable children attain basic numeracy and literacy skills in a period of 6 years working under challenging conditions.