This project offers medical support and care to one of Uganda’s most rural communities.

Staff at Eunice Medical Centre posing for a photo

Public infrastructure and services in most developing countries are unfortunately rarely sufficient to meet the needs of the population, especially in more rural areas, and you don’t get much more rural in Uganda than the Sesse Islands. Located in Lake Victoria, on the very most outskirts of the Greater Masaka region, it is only really in the last decade that they’ve been gaining access to some of life’s essential services.

Eunice Medical Centre has been newly established by Dr James Suubi after his wife was forced to give birth in their home without the safety net of medical support nearby. Rather than moving to an area with better services, this incredible couple combined their savings and established Eunice Medical Centre, which now provides the only X-Ray and Ultra-Sound services on the island.

Currently people travel from all across the 64 habitable islands, that make up the area of Kalangala, to Eunice. Some travel for over 3 hours for medical check-ups and medical advice, which are often left very late. Eunice has found their centre lacks vital equipment and services to be able to ensure they can offer the right care and referrals onto their ever increasing list of patients.

With your support, we want to help this incredible couple offer the right medical care for this very rural area of Masaka.

2020 Goals for Eunice Medical Centre

  1. For Eunice to be energy self-reliant by the end of 2020, saving the medical centre 3,000,000 UGX ($811 USD) a year in electricity bills
  2. For Eunice to provide effective medical care to over 6,000 patients by the end of 2021

How your fundraising will help us achieve the goals

 One of the in-patient rooms at Eunice Medical Centre

With your support, we want to make sure that the patients leave after receiving the best possible care. For this, Eunice have devised a 3 prong approach:

First, we want to establish a solar system for the site that means they no longer rely on the islands monopolised power grid, which is 12% more expensive per unit than the supply on the mainland. This will allow them to keep vaccinations, anti-venom and have a regular power supply, which ensures those patients that travel from afar can receive the the services they so desperately need.

Second, we want to ensure other lifesaving services can be provided to the island community. The chief priority is Oxygen followed by ECG and Nebuliser machines.

Third, in order for the best referral process, we want to improve the radiography services provided and add an X-Ray picture processing machine to improve the X-Ray room at Eunice’s. This will mean when patients are referred on for further in-patient medical treatment in Masaka, they can go carrying all the information required for the new physician to accurately prescribe the best course of action.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Currently, the patients waiting area is a very small outside space and patients who are often very ill have to sit in the sun. On the legacy day, you’ll be put to work constructing a shaded area outside of the clinic that the patients can use to wait in and the staff can use to eat lunch.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Their story, in their own words:

From Dr. James, the head of the centre:

While on the ferry to the island we met a gentleman who was so deep in thought and sad, and having noticed two caskets on the Ferry, it was self-revealing that the dead were this Gentleman’s family. I got interested and asked the sad man about what I was seeing, when he
revealed he’d lost both his wife and child in Labour.

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