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This project supports youths in Uganda by setting them up with tailoring skills

Students of Classic Outfitters in a tailoring lesson

Uganda has one of the highest percentages of youth in the world, with 77% of the population being under 30. Unfortunately however, 83% of Uganda’s youths are unemployed and this results in them very often being pushed into dangerous vocations, making them perceptible to gangs who thrive off prostitution and theft brackets. And when you combine this with the fact that Uganda has the 13th fastest growing population in the world, you can see that the creation of sustainable youth jobs is an urgent priority for the country’s future.

The government in Uganda have recently initiated a Skill Uganda program to empower youth with vocational practical trades to combat this. However, despite some success, it doesn’t have nearly the capacity or funding to make a real dent in the spiraling unemployment crisis for youth in the country.

Classic Outfitters is an incredible program that has been filling the void by teaching tailoring skills to the youth of Masaka. The Uganda Marathon runners in 2019 supported this group by increasing their machinery to teach youths as well as making products to support the project. This has proven very successful and the group has gained local publicity for its quality teaching and the products produced.

So now, with your support, we want to expand the program and their teaching capacity.

2020 Goals for Classic Outfitters Vocational Skills Empowerment Initiatives

  1. To have built a purpose classroom block for 175 students by the end of 2020
  2. To see 175 new students graduate from Classic Outfitters with gainful empolyment options by the end of 2021
  3. To increase the training centre’s monthly income by 2,000,000 UGX ($541 USD) by the end of 2021

How your fundraising will help us achieve the goals

 Students learn all areas of tailoring to give them lifechanging skills

The group has incredibly, through money earned through sales of products, completed foundations and part started the walls for a new purpose built training facility.

With your support, we can give them the final push to complete their new structure that will allow for a further 175 students a year to gain life changing skills. 

The project is directed by Emma Kagimu, who has been working in the tailoring industry for over 15 years. Not only is she ensuring that the project can succeed, but she uses her connections to help the students gain employment once they graduate.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

You’ll spend the morning with the youth beneficiaries of the project as they teach you how to balance a manual sewing machine and make basic products to sell.

In the afternoon, you’ll then be working one-on-one with the youths to help develop their business plans for tailoring. You’ll work with them on their costings, basic sales and marketing and other areas that the youths might be finding challenging.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Local Hero Profile

Mr Kagimu Emmanuel the project director of this progressive project, is a family man with five children, three girls and two boys. Emmanuel lives in Kamugumba, Namasenene village with his family. Due to inadequate school fees in his early years, Emmanuel was not able to go for further studies so he went into vocational studies and he pursued tailoring which was a relatively much fair option financially. He volunteered in a tailoring business to attain more experience. After some time in volunteership Emmanuel moved to Masaka to start a tailoring business.

Given the various financial challenges that Emmanuel had encountered earlier in his life that even hindered him from pursuing higher studies, he took it upon himself to give a chance of a brighter and a much better future for the less advantaged and marginalized children, by starting Classic outfitters to teach tailoring skills to them. Emmanuel emphasizes capacity building and various self sustainability aspects at Classic outfitters.