This project is a rural school that supports vulnerable and needy children with a primary education.
The children of the Bugabira School with Moses (front right)

Primary school education is free in Uganda, however the reality is that there is not nearly enough funding to support this. Recent figures suggest that government spending only covers about 1% of the average school fee’s per student, which means that the schools are forced to set school fees or the community must pick up the slack. This is particularly bad in rural areas where there are heartbreaking levels of school drop outs at primary level.

The Bugabira School is a rural community-run school that offers heavily subsidised fees, providing quality education for 400 disadvantaged children. The school is a place of smiling kids and enthusiastic staff, you have never met students so keen on learning!

This school holds a special place in the Uganda Marathon as it was the very first project supported by the team back in 2014. We initially raised enough to build a girls dormitory, allowing young girls to stay at the school during the week and not have to walk for hours each day and be subject to fatigue and harrassment. Grown from this, with the partnership from the director of Bugabira Moses Kigozi, the first Uganda Marathon was born.

Since then, in five short years, the school has grown from four temporary wooden classrooms to having two dormitory buildings, a school hall, 5 permanent classrooms, school kitchen, new bathroom blocks, solar system, water well, poultry program, school playground, teachers quarters and sports equipment.

Now you can add to this school’s growing impact with your very own legacy, as we tackle the one remaining challenge the school faces – feeding the 400 pupils they now educate through primary school.

Unfortunately, 80% of the school’s pupils are deemed as unable to afford school meals and so are provided for by the school, this is a huge burden as they need to find a way to efficiently feed the children. We need your support to fix this.

2020 Goals for The Bugabira School

  1. To establish a school farm that can provide sustainable food for 400 pupils by the end of 2020.
  2. To successfully have 104 students on the school scholarship scheme by the end of 2021.

How your fundraising will help us achieve the goals

 Previous Uganda Marathon runners being shown round the school during raceweek. The buildings used to all be temporary wooden structures.

Fortunately, the rural setting of the school means that they do not have direct neighbours and can therefore expand their grounds by buying the adjacent plot to create a school farm.

The farm will be managed by a team of four students who will be given free education in return for their after school efforts. On top of this, the school will save 863,000 UGX ($233 USD) that’s spent on raw ingredients for school meals. This will be used to ensure the school can continue to provide scholarships to the current 100 vulnerable pupils the school already supports.

Not only will your fundraising secure nutritious meals for the pupils at this school, but will also provide sustainable education for its most vulnerable children.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

The classroom spaces at Bugabira are very plain and lack creativity. Using bright colours and designs that the children have made you’ll be painting the classrooms as well as a new school sign post. This will add to the children’s learning environment and make it more engaging.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Local Hero Profile

Moses Kigozi (B.CPS- Muk, MHSR-MUK) has ten years of work experience in the non-profit and community health services sector in Uganda. Having personally lost relatives to HIV/AIDS, Moses developed professional interests in the area of HIV/AIDS control and management, Public Health and community empowerment initiatives. In 2005, he pioneered the formation of CHEDRA (Community Health, Empowerment, Development and Relief Agency) an organisation that works to reduce HIV spread and its impact on rural populations in Uganda.

Moses has made many health related scientific presentations before scholars and researchers at National and international levels. Moses hates the way HIV and other social problems have negatively impacted Uganda and how they affect women and children disproportionally. Moses envisages seeing a community with affordable health HIV and health care and with a reduced impact of HIV and AIDS, respect of human rights as well as good governance and accountability. Moses is the director of Bugabira School, and the chair of trustees for the Uganda Marathon.