This project educates children who are orphaned, have disabilities, or are from vulnerable or needy families.

Some of the pupils of Bright Angels grouped out in front of the school

We all know how important clean water is for any organisation or community, and there are few places that need it more than schools.

Bright Angels is a school in Masaka who have 360 students and are 3km from the nearest clean water source. For them, clean water is essential to prevent dehydration among students and to help them to learn better, as well as for cooking, cleaning and washing. Currently, students are required to fetch 50 jerry cans a day from the tap and carry them the 3km back to school. This is a huge disruption to the school’s syllabus and the children’s education. To make things worse, the water source that they use is not protected and is often subjected to animals who carry infectious diseases.

Whilst this is a commonn situation for many schools in Uganda, Bright Angels stands out as a particularly amazing project because they focus on pupils who fall into four different categories:

  1. Orphans. There are 62 children at the school who have been orphaned
  2. Disabled. They have 5 children who have some form of disability
  3. Vulnerable & Needy. They have 42 children whose family has been assessed as being very poor
  4. Fee Paying. They have 251 children whose families can afford to cover school fees

Fortunately, with your support the Uganda Marathon has an excellent history of tackling the issue of fresh water at schools with a solution that not only fixes it but also creates a source of income.


2020 Goals for Bright Angels

  1. To create a year round sustainable water source for 360 pupils and staff at Bright Angels by end of 2020.
  2. To save 600,000 UGX ($163 USD) a month to ensure all water at the school is harvested by the end of 2021.

How your fundraising will help us achieve the goals

An example of the water tank that will be fed from rainwater off the school’s buildings

 An example of the water tank that will be fed from rainwater off the school’s buildings[/caption]

The solution to getting clean and fresh water to the school is in two forms. Firstly, water tanks can be installed that are connected to the roofs of the classroom blocks and school hall. Rainfall in Uganda is often very heavy and so these tanks will collect the rainwater, which can be used for cleaning and cooking.

The water tanks alone can’t be relied on to supply enough water for the school, especially during the dry season. So we will also build a fresh water well within the school grounds. The well will be able to offer clean water to the entire school, without the pupils having to walk for many kilometres. The school will then offer the water from the well to the local community of Matele Kinaawa for a small fee of 400 UGX ($0.11 USD) per jerry can, which will be saved to maintain and grow the school’s fresh water supply. Under this scheme, we expect the school to save approximately 600,000 UGX ($163 USD) per quarter, which they will use to add a water tank each year.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

The classroom spaces at Bright Angels are very plain and lack creativity. Using bright colours and designs that the children have made you’ll be painting the classrooms as well as a new school sign post. This will add to the children’s learning environment and make it more engaging.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Local Hero Profile

Mr Francis and teacher Sarah with the UGM team

Mr. Lukyamuzi Francis is a teacher by profession, and he is the current director of Bright Angels Primary School. Francis lives with his wife Gwaliwa Willbroad along with nine children however three of them were needy street children that he took on to help in school. They live in Matake Kinaawa in Kyotera district. He has over the years helped over ten less advantaged children in school and also welcomed them into his home. 

Bright Angels Primary school has been operating for seven years, when starting this school Mr. Francis was looking to offer better education to children of his community. Mr. Francis has always had the less advantaged and marginalized children at heart, this is reflected also in his school Bright Angels Primary School as it has supported over 100 less advantaged children for the past seven years, the school is also a home to these children.

Mr. Francis decided to move away from the conventional setup of schools of just teaching students – he decided to go the extra mile and establish piggery, agriculture to equip his students with future life-sustaining skills. Realizing the high unemployment rate in the community Mr. Francis also focused on creating jobs by setting up the school, the school also empowers the community as it creates a market for local products.