Ssunga Health Centre

Areas of work

Supporting the rural farmlands of Masaka with maternity health

The setup of the postnatal room at Ssunga Health Centre, with currently 3 beds.

Uganda is a very rural country with the vast majority of the population working as farmers. This makes public health a very tough model to implement, with communities stretched out across a very bad road network. Because of this struggling healthcare system, currently 1 in 20 infants born in Uganda die before their first birthday.

Ssunga Health Centre, run by Sister Nalubega Magdelene is fighting this high infant mortality, along with many other medical needs, in a rural community of over 5,200 people. Over the years, the centre has become a vital part of the surrounding communities and when you visit you will quickly see that it is a place full of energy with patients singing praises of the Sisters who work there.

In 2018, Uganda Marathon runners supported Ssunga Health Centre in their mission to provide better neo-natal care, by purchasing an ultrasound machine, an ultrasound printer, and the training of two Ssunga staff on how to make the most of their new machines.

We now want to go one step further to increase the maternity ward’s capacity.

This is where you come in…

2019 Goals for Ssunga Health Centre

  1. To provide maternity services to 327 mothers in 2020
  2. To double the capacity of Ssunga Health’s maternity capacity in 2020

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

Currently, Ssunga Health Centre only has two delivery beds and 3 postnatal beds, which simply isn’t enough for the 327 pregnant mothers that visit the centre every year. This lack of resources often leaves expectant mothers to use traditional birth attendances, which are not capable of dealing with any challenges that may occur during birth.

By choosing Ssunga Health Centre to support, your funding will enable them to double their maternity capacity by expanding to 4 delivery beds and 6 postnatal beds. This increase is enough to ensure that 80% of births that take place in their catchment area, takes place with proper medical support. That is an amazing target to reach and an incredible impact for your hard work.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Distance to project: 30 minutes

This will be a packed day of seeing and understanding what healthcare is like in rural Uganda. You’ll get a tour of the centre, with a chance to speak to the sisters and some of the patients of the wards. The spaces that will become the new delivery rooms are in much need of renovating. Your job is, therefore, to paint them, make them clean, and add shelves and some necessary features to get them ready for the specialised equipment that is coming thanks to your fundraised money.

This is the chance to kickstart the project that you are funding and get to know the beneficiaries who will tell you about their lives and how your fundraising is going to make a real impact.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Don’t miss this opportunity to come out and see first-hand how rural healthcare, delivered by these incredible sisters, is saving the lives of children and babies.

A runner from the 2018 event working alongside a sister from Ssunga Health Centre

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