SMILE Street & Needy Children

Areas of work

Supporting street children in Masaka by fostering them and helping them through school

Children at the SMILE centre

Masaka is a hub for street children who have come from neighbouring smaller villages and towns looking to pick up small casual labour jobs, such as loading trucks. They’ve often run away from their families for any number of reasons ranging from domestic abuse to parental divorce. Once they are on the street, it is very hard to return to their families out of both fear and shame.

SMILE work to do all they can to reunite families through counseling and gradual exposure, and for those that cannot be reunited, they offer a safe and loving home. They currently have 31 children under their care, which is a huge undertaking for mother and daughter, Florence and Niona who manage the SMILE home.

Currently, their biggest challenge is food security. Almost all of the funds that are currently donated go on their food bill that is at $247 a month. Their dream is to be able to save this to use for school fees.

This is where you come in…

2019 Goals for SMILE Street & Needy Children

  1. To save SMILE $247 a month, which can be used to support 3 children through school.
  2. To sustainably feed 31 children through a newly created SMILE Farm.
  3. To create an agricultural learning space for street children in Masaka to learn basic crop growing skills.

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

SMILE is well like locally and they have recently been offered a plot of land to create a SMILE Farm, for just $26 a month. They have plans to fence this land, to prevent grazing animals from destroying crops, and then have experts design their crops around SMILE’s needs. The 19 boys and 12 girls that call SMILE home will then be able to learn how to maintain the farm and, alongside a paid labourer help with harvests and maintenance of the farm during school holidays. This will help keep them active and away from the drug culture of street life, which they can easily fall back into without guidance and purpose.

This can only be achieved with your fundraising. However with your support, It will be incredible to see SMILE gain food security and no longer need to beg and borrow to meet such a basic need.

Choose this project and provide a loving safe home for the neglected children of Masaka.

The piece of land where SMILE hopes to put a garden to feed the children that it takes care of.

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