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Supporting children’s school fees for disadvantaged families

Pupils of Premier Junior School heading to their classrooms from their school assembly

Primary school education is free in Uganda. However, there are too few government schools to meet the population’s huge demand, leaving rural communities neglected and without primary education. In areas without government schools the community has to pick up the slack, but these schools do not have any external funding so, in these areas, education is not free.

Premier Junior School is based in one of the many sub-parishes that surround Masaka called Kijjabwemi. It caters for families who often struggle to find money for school fee’s, living pay check to pay check or off small hold farm areas. Of the 155 pupils who attend the school, 60 pupils are partly supported with school fee’s, but they often miss exam days when parents can’t afford to pay the standard examination fees, they then don’t receive the necessary qualifications to move through education.

The school administration agreed that so many children missing out on their education is unacceptable and so they reached out to The Uganda Marathon, for the first time, to apply for funds so they can sustainably support these 60 students.

This is where you come in…

2019 Goals for Premier Junior School Primary School

  1. To sustainably support 60 pupils through education
  2. To create an agricultural lesson consisting of a garden and poultry program for all 155 pupils
  3. To generate $462 a month to sponsor vulnerable students through education after 6 months of operation

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

After brainstorming lots of different ideas, the school’s board of directors put together a detailed plan for a poultry project that, with an initial investment of your fundraised money, will provide agricultural lesson and enough profits to fully fund the 60 student’s school fees. We have seen a huge success with a similar poultry project for The Bugabira Primary School, and we also suggested building in plans to use the chicken waste for a school garden that can add importance nutrients to school meals.

The administration have already been planning for this project, having not only built large water harvesting tanks, but they have also already brought land with the space for this project in mind. We expect that the project will be able to produce 250 eggs a day, so the school will generate a monthly income of $462.

Sustainable education is the best way to build a nation and by fundraising for this project, you will have a powerful impact, ensuring 60 children don’t miss out on education.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Distance to project: 10 minutes

This will be a fun, physical day completing the build of the poultry house. The frame will already have been built before you arrive, but there will be lots to do to get the poultry house up and running. You’ll be working with local experts and the school beneficiaries to complete the build and we expect that it will take the full day.

You will get the chance to kickstart the project that you are funding and get to see Primary education in Uganda first hand!

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Support Premier Junior School and help 60 students get the best possible start in life

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