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Supporting youths in Uganda through vocational training and employment

Roughly 70% of the Masaka Districts’ population are youths and, according to local district statistcs, 64% are unemployed. This alarming statistic means that youths are very often pushed into dangerous vocations, making them perceptible to gangs who thrive off prostitution and theft brackets.

Since 2014, Classic Outfitters have been implementing their vision of “An empowered community with sustainable development programs” – something that almost perfectly fits in with The Uganda Marathon. Their solution to this youth crisis is to create businesses with steady markets that can employ youths and give them the skills to set out on their own.

Classic Outfitters want to create a factory style tailoring production line that will exclusively employ young Ugandans, generating profits that will be used to upskill 350 youths each year.

This is where you come in…

2019 Goals for Classic Outfitters Vocational Skills Empowerment Initiatives

  1. To train 350 youth aged between 15 and 25 years of age in tailoring skills.
  2. To ensure that 350 youth gain a minimum of $50 a month from their new vocational skills.
  3. To generate $442 a month to ensure training program is sustainable.

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

With the fundraising from The 2019 Uganda Marathon as a kickstarting grant, Classic Outfitters want to launch their business, and with their experience gained by training over 1,450 youths across 125 youth groups, they are in a great position to make this succeed and have a focused and positive impact.

Their targets have been carefully constructed as they plan to generate $442 every month, which will be used to up-skill 350 youths a year. A massive impact that is caused by your hard work and generosity.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Distance to project: 10 minutes

You’ll be working alongside the youths, understanding their business and inputting ideas on how to grow and market in the future. In the first part of the day, you’ll be taught by the youths how to balance a manual sewing machine and make basic items. Then later, you’ll work with them to help develop their business plans for the tailoring, focusing on marketing and distribution.

All the while, hearing the stories from the local youth beneficiaries about their lives, and how your fundraising is going to make a real impact.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Support Classic Outfitters and let’s give youth the kickstart they need to really contribute to their community.

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