Buddu Community Volunteers

Areas of work

Creating employment and opportunities for disadvantaged youths.

The director of Buddu Community Volunteers showing some of the liquid soap that’s used to create youth employment

Buddu community Volunteers has been working with youth in Masaka for the past 5 years, helping them gain independence and become self-reliant. Their focus is on supporting the youths to develop a marketable and quality product that they can help take to market.

Buddu’s largest success was 4 years ago when they created a liquid soap that was competitive enough to create a mass market. Today, their brand MAJORITI can be found in many retailers across Masaka and Lukaya. What makes this business special is that they want to plow all of their profit back into their employees through bonuses and development, this keeps the youth engaged and motivated on their path to self-reliance. The success of MAJORITI has helped Buddu create many youth jobs, and they are now in a position to expand their production lines to create more youth employment.

This is where you come in…

2019 Goals for Buddu Community Volunteers

  1. To support 150 youth to gain an income.
  2. To sustainably pay wages for 30 youth who become fully employed into MAJORITI brand

How you’ll help us achieve the goals

The demand for the MAJORITI soap is high, and in 2019 you can help them expand their operations to a point that will allow them to up-skill 150 youth, employing 30 of the best into their sales, production and marketing lines.

With your fundraising, raw materials can be brought to expand their operations, allowing them to train 150 youth in the process of making soap. They will each be given the necessary start-up kit to produce the liquid soap, which they create for Buddu Community Volunteers offices before it is quality assured, branded and sold as part of the MAJORITI collective.

Profits, after wages, are reinvested back into the collective as they save to buy a three-wheeled motor truck to aid in their delivering of soap to the markets. This project really provides an opportunity for youth to join an already recognised business and make it their own as they become fully independent.

Your Legacy Day During the Uganda Marathon Week

Distance to project: 10 minutes

You’ll be working alongside the youths, understanding their soap business and inputting ideas on how to grow and market in the future. You’ll be put into groups with the youths, learning the techniques from them of how to make the soap. Then later, you’ll work with them to help develop their business plans focusing on marketing and distribution.

All the while, hearing the stories from the local youth beneficiaries about their lives, and how your fundraising is going to make a real impact.

Legacy day activities are subject to change at any time, this is not a final plan.

Come and support youth empowerment and create jobs for vulnerable youth in Masaka.

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