UGM Photoblog: 30 Inspirational Images Summing Up the Seven-Day Adventure

UGM Photoblog: 30 Inspirational Images Summing Up the Seven-Day Adventure

Often we get asked, ‘what is the Uganda Marathon?’ And to be honest, that’s a great question! Yes – it’s a (very special) race through rural Uganda, where participants can take on a marathon, half-marathon or 10-kilometre challenge. But it’s also much more than that. Afterall, Race Day only makes up a single day of the 7-Day Adventure. In short, it’s a week-long festival of challenge, travel, volunteering, fundraising, self-discovery and new friendships, all whilst exploring Ugandan culture and leaving an incredible lasting legacy to help the local community. But as they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so here’s our photoblog summing up what the 7-Day Adventure is all about…   The 7-Day Adventure… A fantastic, once in a lifetime, race…               …But a week that is so much more: Fundraise for the causes you care about…       Then, meet the very people you’ve been helping through fundraising, as you volunteer at the Charity Projects…       Organise a sports day for the children of the projects…     Explore the Ugandan Culture…       Make new friendships and join a community…   Discover more about yourself…       Choose your distance… Choose your accommodation…       Overall, leave an incredible legacy    ...
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