UGM Photoblog: 30 Inspirational Images Summing Up the Seven-Day Adventure

Often we get asked, ‘what is the Uganda Marathon?’ And to be honest, that’s a great question! Yes – it’s a (very special) race through rural Uganda, where participants can take on a marathon, half-marathon or 10-kilometre challenge. But it’s also much more than that. Afterall, Race Day only makes up a single day of the 7-Day Adventure. In […]

UGM Photoblog: 17 Inspirational Images to Sum up the 7-day Adventure

“What is the Uganda Marathon?” Often that’s a question we’re asked when people first hear about the Marathon. Yes, it’s a race in rural Africa and a truly memorable, epic and extraordinary one at that. But the truth is, it’s much, much more… To give you an idea of what the 7-day adventure is all about and […]