The UGM Runners’ Blog: Using Hill Training in Your Preparation for Uganda

The UGM Runners’ Blog: Using Hill Training in Your Preparation for Uganda

Welcome to the Uganda Marathon Runners’ Blog! Our series of blogs dedicated to our participants preparing to take part in this year’s event. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share suggestions to help in your preparations for the 7-Day adventure, from training tips to fundraising and travel advice. Written by a former participant, these blogs are all about supporting our group of 2019 runners – please feel free to get in touch if you have questions or topic suggestions – we’d love to hear from you!   When I trained for the Uganda Marathon in 2015, I was relatively new to the world of running – my training mainly focused solely on upping the distance of my long runs week-by-week, with some shorter runs in between, gradually building my weekly mileage. However, as I became more familiar with what the course in Uganda entailed, I knew I needed to (somehow) recreate the conditions as best I could in the UK. One of those key conditions, aside from the heat and trail paths, was the elevations and descents. From that point on, I tried to gradually introduce hill training into my preparations, and it really paid off come Race Day! And that’s what this post is all about – hill training and how to include it in your training!   The Why- The Ups and Downs of Running in Uganda So, why would I recommend adding in some hill training sessions into your prep for Uganda? Well…(and I hope I’m not breaking this to you for the first time)…but the course is well, hilly. There’s a lot of elevations and descents, so the more practice you can get...
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