How you make a difference and leave a legacy!

How you make a difference and leave a legacy!

There have been several scandals recently highlighting the dangers of poorly managed overseas aid work. From Oxfam – one of the world’s largest charities – being involved in misconduct, to the BBC recently reporting on the mismanagement of orphanages and foster homes in Uganda itself. Here at The Uganda Marathon, we’re incredibly proud of our approach to helping the communities we work with and support. Offering a hand up, not a hand out. We take our lead from the local communities we serve, not the other way round. And we’re extremely passionate about fighting poor practice – especially orphanages. There are a very few number of legitimate orphanages in Uganda. It is a sad fact that some unscrupulous people see children as a means of making money, rather than as incredible but vulnerable people who need fostering and rehabilitation back to their family to thrive. Orphanages are, sadly, big business – and many actively encourage mothers and guardians to place their children with them to increase foreign aid / donations.  Our community partnerships manager, Andy Bownds, shares his thoughts on how we discourage such behaviour below.   ” I am based in Masaka full time and work alongside 6 other full time Ugandan staff and a 4 strong Ugandan board. Who are dedicated not only to ensuring that you have the best possible visit to Uganda but also leave an incredible positive legacy! We do this through a strict application, monitoring and evaluation and accountability process. This is how it works: Application Process– All projects that are funded through the marathon go through this level of due diligence. They...
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