Interview with a UGM Runner – Edwin Lampert

  Here we interview runners who have participated in the Uganda Marathon, so they can share their stories and experiences from the 7-Day Adventure. After all, it’s their involvement which makes the week so special, from the impact they have on the Charity Projects, to the community feel they give to Race Day. Edwin, as […]

Organise a Sports Day Like No Other: KidsRunWild

  The fourth day in the 7-Day Adventure sees our International Runners organise a sports day for disadvantaged children in Uganda. We invite the youngsters from the Charity Projects who work with children, so attendees will come from local schools, orphanages and other youth-based initiatives. For those children who have experienced KidsRunWild before, they literally countdown the […]

UGM Guest Blog: Our Story of the Week – By Sejal Majithia-Jaswal & Ash Jaswal

  Following their participating in the seven-day Uganda Marathon adventure, Ash and Sejal kindly agreed to share their experience of Uganda with us. Below, they tell us about the volunteer days, visiting the project they fundraised for, the race, and what they got up to in Uganda both before and after the event – which […]