UGM Runners’ Community: Summer Wrap Up

UGM Runners’ Community: Summer Wrap Up

It’s been a busy summer since our event in June, which saw 150 international runners travel to Uganda to volunteer and run in the aid of others. Since then, there’s been reunions, runs and more! So now, with autumn settling in and the days getting shorter, this seems like a great time to celebrate what’s been going on in the UGM community over a fun-filled summer! After all, a big part of the Uganda Marathon is the community surrounding the event. Here’s the latest news, shout-outs and going-ons since our main event in June…    The UGM became the biggest public fundraising event in Uganda…EVER!! The summer kicked off in the best possible fashion, with the UGM breaking records and raising over £188,000 for projects in Uganda. A massive, MASSIVE, thank you to all our 2016 runners who’s incredible fundraising efforts over several months lead to this incredible achievement! After a fantastic week of volunteering, making new friends and running, this was the perfect way to top off an excellent 7-days. Thank you to everyone involved and for all your hard work fundraising every single penny!   #UGM16 Reunions Galore! There’s been a number of reunions over the summer, from casual drinks, reunion runs, games in the park, and much more from the friendships formed in Uganda in June. Here’s just a few of the summer’s reunions from the UGM16… Also, a big shout-out to all our 2016 runners who decided to take the plunge (possibly, maybe, after a few drinks…) and run the Havana Marathon in Cuba. We hope your training is going well and all the best for...
UGM Guest Blog: Tarka Rose-Venning & Carla Turnbull

UGM Guest Blog: Tarka Rose-Venning & Carla Turnbull

The runners make the Uganda Marathon what it is. The friendships, the community, the fundraising and the determination to finish is why the UGM is truly a Race Like No Other. Here we tell the stories of the runners who took part in 2016 event, as they share their insights and experiences of the week-long adventure. Here, Tarka & Carla write about their incredible adventure in Uganda. From their motivations for signing up, to where they volunteered, to their thoughts on their extension…Gorilla trekking the Rain Forest! Then, to finish off, they give a very personal, detailed and truly special account of the big day itself (with photos): Race Day!  A big thank you to Tarka & Carla for writing such a great blog and for taking part in our event in June 2016. It was amazing to have you out in Uganda! 🙂     What made you sign up for the Uganda Marathon 2016? We were looking for an exciting new experience that we could do together. We have a love for adventure as well as meeting new and interesting people,  so the UGM was the perfect way to do all of that.   Was it what you expected? No. It was better. We didn’t really know what to expect. We knew that we were going to be out in the sticks with a bunch of people all mad enough to go camping for a week in the Ugandan bush! But we weren’t expecting to make such great friends. We weren’t expecting the organisers to be such great hosts, and to have prepared so many fantastic activities...

The Story of Matovu Richard who, thanks to the Bugabira School, now doesn’t have to give up his education to support his family..

Matovu Richard is a 17 year old young lad, who has managed to self-fund his education by completing jobs for teachers and schools in return for an education as payment in kind. He is one of thousands of youths in Uganda who work extremely hard to get an education. Last year however, he chose to step out of senior 1 education so that he could support his 6 younger siblings through their primary education. By choosing to leave education he was able to work for money and help pay for his 4 sisters and 2 brothers to attend school. Because he was an exceptional student, head boy of his year and performing extremely well academically, his old head teacher; Mrs Nakyanzi Sophie wanted to find a way to support him back into school. This is where The Bugabira Primary school stepped in and through the recommendation of Mrs Nakyanzi Sophie, Matovu was hired to look after the 210 poultry chickens that the Uganda Marathon runners funded as an income generator for the school. Thanks to this job, Matovu now, not only earns a monthly wage, but also has food and accommodation covered by the school. This allows him to continue to support his siblings as well as save for his own secondary education which he aims to start again next January. Under Matovu’s 5 months watch, the chickens have matured and are now laying their first eggs. Here he is talking carrying out his work…...
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