Creating a Legacy: the Uganda Marathon

Creating a Legacy: the Uganda Marathon

On 24th May 2015, as the starting pistol sounded in Liberation Square, waves of international runners and ugandan runners began a race like no other. Running either a marathon, half marathon or 10K race in rural Uganda, with the aim of making a difference. As one of the runners who travelled to Uganda and took on 26 miles on the equator, I can certainly say race day and week leading up to it was one of the best weeks of my life, and an unique experience. But now six months later, long after myself and one thousand other runners crossed the finish line in their respective races, what impact has Uganda’s first ever international marathon had, and what legacy has it created? It’s Made a Lasting Difference to Nine Projects Running the Uganda Marathon is all about doing something amazing and fundraising for great, charitable causes. So as the first Uganda Marathon managed to raise £73,000 (making it the second biggest fundraising event in Uganda ever), this means the UGM team has been able to work with several Uganda-based projects to make a long-term, sustainable difference to the Masaka community. There’s still lots of work to be done, but in just six months the efforts of the international runner’s fundraising as made a difference to many people’s lives. For example at Bugabira school (which offers free education to children from low income families) marathon support has meant a chicken coup structure has been built. This means the school will now have it’s own source of income to support itself for years to come. Likewise fundraising from the 2015 event has allowed the project MVRC (Masaka Vocational & Rehabilitation Centre) to set...
2021 event open for registration. Our team are currently providing Covid-19 emergency reliefSee how here

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