A Week Like No Other: Race Day

Sunday 24th May 2015 had arrived! It felt like a long time ago since I’d struggled to run 3K on a cold February day, around my hometown in Hampshire. Since then, over the course of three months, I’d muddled my way through 14 weeks of marathon training, trying everything from running in layers to gradually upping the distances I […]

A Week Like No Other: Race Week Part 2

This is the part two of intrepid Uganda International Marathon runner Andy Teale’s blog. Missed part one? Read it here.   It was hard to believe we were already halfway through our six-day adventure in Uganda. In the first three days I’d made new friends, run my first few miles in Africa and been lucky […]

A Week Like No Other: Race Week Part 1

It was finally time! After thirteen weeks of training, fundraising and blogging, the 18th May had arrived. With my running shoes packed, it was time for this newbie runner to venture to Africa for the first time. With the prospect of taking on only my second ever marathon and it being on the equator (eeekkk!!!), […]