The Very First Uganda International Marathon

…is in the books! And what an event it was. Athletes from every continent competed – with the winner of the 42km race, Martin Ssenabulya crossing the line in 2:45. The 6 day experience itself was described by some participants as “the best week of their life”. So we’re all quite happy with how it went. This is just a quick post to say we are a small, volunteer team – but we’re working as hard as we can to clear up after the event, get race results posted and get all our many heartfelt thanks out. Look out for a full race and event report in the coming days – and until then, thank you SO much for being a part of what has been an amazing, life changing week. The UGM 2015...
A Newbie Runner’s Perpective: The Anticipation of Race Day

A Newbie Runner’s Perpective: The Anticipation of Race Day

Week 7- A Newbie Runner’s Perspective: The Anticipation of Race day Training’s complete. Just some packing to do this weekend and then I fly to Uganda. Then six days after my arrival, I take on the Uganda Marathon! So with eight days to go and limited race experience, how am I feeling and how do I plan to successful reach the finish line? Week 12 & 13- Tapering and Pacing Practice Since the MK Half Marathon on 4th May, I’ve been tapering to give my body chance to recharge prior to race day, with short runs to keep me ticking over. When I ran my first (and only) marathon last year, I didn’t really taper very well, as I wanted to squeeze in as many runs as possible. However tapering properly this time has seemed to have really made a difference. I feel fresh and have shaken off the niggles that were bothering me during my intensive training. Tapering has provided an additional benefit too: it’s provided me with a great opportunity to work on running at a slower pace, closer to the one I want to set in Uganda. I’ve never practiced pacing prior to a race before, so it feels reassuring to have that extra bit of preparation done. Feelings of Anticipation: Travelling to Uganda I’m really looking forward to travelling to Uganda in a couple of days. I’ve travelled to various spots in Asia, done a bit of travelling in Europe and visited the states, but I’ve never ventured to Africa. I’ve always wanted to go- who knew the opportunity would come up this year with the...
The Road to Uganda: A Newbie’s Marathon Training Diary – Week 6 to Week 12

The Road to Uganda: A Newbie’s Marathon Training Diary – Week 6 to Week 12

Week 6- My First Ever Half Marathon and Tapering Time Wow. How time flies… I can’t believe it’s been eleven weeks since I began training for the Uganda marathon and struggled to complete a 5K in my first training session. Now with only 18 days to go until the race and all my long distance training runs done, it time to think about tapering to ensure I’m 100% fit come May 24th. But before I get to my tapering plans, there’s my last week of intensive training to fill you in on, which I rounded off with my first ever half marathon. Training Week 11: Recovery and Preparation With the completion of my 19-mile run on Saturday 25th April (and longest training run to date), I gave myself Sunday-Tuesday off to ensure my body had adequate recovery time. However I wanted to also give myself some time off at the end of the week, to ensure I was fresh for my first ever half marathon on Monday. I’m pleased to say my recovery time from my 19 miler didn’t take a long as I anticipated. By Tuesday the muscles in my legs were feeling fine. In fact, my recovery time seems to be a lot better in my second bout of marathon training, compared to when I trained for my first marathon last year. Hopefully that means I’m fitter this time, but I’ve also been using some sports products, especially over the last few weeks, that seemed to have made a real difference when recovering from those longer runs. Being the newbie I am, and still exploring this ‘world of...
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