Diary of a UGM Runner in Training

Diary of a UGM Runner in Training

By Paul Lacey “Congratulations on entering the Inaugural Ugandan International Marathon!” Yes, that is correct, despite my horrendous marathon history, I have entered another marathon – in beautiful but also hot, humid, hilly, elevated East Africa. Don’t get me wrong I love to run, in fact over the shorter distances I would say I’m semi-respectable, but over the infamous 26.2 miles I always seem to fall short (see finish line pic below). Take my last marathon. Brighton. I had two targets: sub 3:15, and beat my old man (who incidentally can put a few miles together). Despite leaving training until only two months before the race, I was confident my youth and athleticism would conquer. Wrong. So so wrong. I ran off a cliff at 18 miles, agonisingly crawled in at 3:35 and the old boy utterly destroyed me. I took it well. I vowed next time never to make the mistake of leaving marathon training too late. Fast forward to Friday. I’m sat at home sipping on a beer, and who pops up on FB messenger? Why it’s Ellie Lucas from the UGM team…. “Hey Paul, do you remember our chat about the blog?” Ummmmm “ah yeah sure Ellie” (completely forgot) “Fab, are you ready to start and upload your training plan? Only 12 weeks to go!!!!” What?!! I have no training plan. I’ve not even thought about a training plan. I’VE DONE IT AGAIN!!! Flashbacks of watching my 53 year old dad in unnecessarily short shorts accelerating away from me come flooding back. So over the weekend, I did what all cool-headed and focused athletes do in...
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