The Road to Uganda: A Newbie’s Marathon Training Diary

By Andy Teale Week 1- Ahhh!!! I’m Running Uganda’s First International Marathon!! 62 days. 3 hours. 53 minutes. 7 seconds…. That’s how long (at the time of writing) until I run Uganda’s first ever international marathon on 24th May. In two months, I’ll be taking on the equator’s heat, the African sun, the off road […]

Diary of a UGM Runner in Training – Week 3

By Paul Lacey Ruin or Redemption… So it was on. Father vs Son. The Kingston 20 miler. We both knew going into the race that our training had been similar (until recently, not nearly enough of it). We both knew our target pace was the same – sub 7 min/mile. We both knew each other’s […]

Diary of a UGM Runner in Training – Week 2

By Paul Lacey Second Place, a PB, but the old boy awaits me… Wow! I couldn’t have asked for a better first week to my training. I may be sat here with mild cramp hitting my hamstring every five or so minutes but, I did it. Training plan? Kept to it to the letter. Mileage? […]

Introducing the Masaka Deaf School SNE

How could you not support these wonderfully happy kids? Especially when you know they are all deaf and the world would have been a completely silent place if it hadn’t been for the Masaka School SNE. You walk into the Masaka School SNE and are immediately drawn into the energy of the both the teaching […]

Diary of a UGM Runner in Training

By Paul Lacey “Congratulations on entering the Inaugural Ugandan International Marathon!” Yes, that is correct, despite my horrendous marathon history, I have entered another marathon – in beautiful but also hot, humid, hilly, elevated East Africa. Don’t get me wrong I love to run, in fact over the shorter distances I would say I’m semi-respectable, […]