Sophie Dubus – Travel Hero and Lovely Lady Liaising with You Runners!

  Today we’re focusing on a new member of the team. For all of you already signed up you might be familiar with Sophie (if not, you soon will be!). Sophie, along with Ellie, is the first point of contact for runners involved with The Uganda Marathon and she’ll be making sure that you have […]

The personality of community – Sport and Recreation

It’s a freezing December day and I’ve just arrived for a fun run at a small village in Basel Land, Switzerland. Being Australian, naturally, I’m out of my comfort zone! The first thing I notice is that traffic is being redirected from the centre of the village, signage is notifying competitors where registration is and […]

Homosexuality in Uganda

A topic that has arisen on more than one occasion as we talk to people about the Uganda Marathon is the attitudes to homosexuality in the country. In the last few years, Uganda has received a fair amount of bad press in this area, largely due to the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act. What didn’t receive nearly as much […]

Early Bird Extended & current flight prices

Early Bird Extended Good news for lovers of bargains. We’re working with a few organisations who have asked us to extend the early bird pricing until the end of January, so they have enough time to get the word out to their employees and supporters. We’re happy to oblige, but we thought we’d spread the the […]

The Uganda Marathon – What Will Your Impact Be?

A great runner is measured by the impact they have on the world – what will your impact be? To create change with local communities in rural Uganda- plus a huge difference to yourselves- we invite you to run a race like no other. Register here for a 6 day adventure on the Equator.

A Message About the Safety of Running the Uganda Marathon

  One of the questions we get asked a lot by runners & their families: Is Uganda safe? We are conscious of this as a concern for anyone undertaking international travel, particularly to non-European or non-Western countries. We’d like to take an opportunity to address this directly and be clear about the steps that we […]

How we are Redefining Charity! – Love not Guilt

Masaka Town: Blueprint for Africa?   Allow me, if you will, to take you back to a time long long ago. A simpler time, and rather than reading this on a screen over the internet, we are sat face to face, perhaps in an inn or tavern.  We’re musing about society’s ills and the world […]

Meet the One and Only Ellie Lucas – Our Events Manager

The Uganda Marathon is massive event that takes a huge amount of planning in order to make it safe and as fun as we want it to be! On top of that there are other events and things going on that we organise throughout the year to make us so much more than a marathon. […]