Sophie Dubus – Travel Hero and Lovely Lady Liaising with You Runners!

Sophie Dubus – Travel Hero and Lovely Lady Liaising with You Runners!

  Today we’re focusing on a new member of the team. For all of you already signed up you might be familiar with Sophie (if not, you soon will be!). Sophie, along with Ellie, is the first point of contact for runners involved with The Uganda Marathon and she’ll be making sure that you have the most amazing time you can possibly have. If you have any questions at all, then don’t hesitate to contact her, if you don’t have any questions then just email to say hi :-). She’s on the other end of [email protected] Having been to 60 countries, Sophie is a serial traveller with almost a decade of experience working in the tourism industry and is also a contributing author to a forthcoming book about volunteer travel – Adventures Less Ordinary: How to Travel and Do Good I’ve always had a strong desire to help everyone, people and animals alike, and began spending time after high school helping out at a local wildlife rescue centre.  I became a student tutor at University and volunteered for the RSPCA at weekends.  After graduating with a degree in Computing from which I remember little more than building a rather complicated database and writing a programme about dinosaurs, I embarked on my first solo trip to Thailand, not to travel, but to look after monkeys, bears and a tiger.  From then on, every trip would have an element of volunteering – even a 2 week holiday in Bali saw me spending a day feeding new-born kittens and walking a three-legged dog. I tend to like do things a bit differently...
The personality of community – Sport and Recreation

The personality of community – Sport and Recreation

It’s a freezing December day and I’ve just arrived for a fun run at a small village in Basel Land, Switzerland. Being Australian, naturally, I’m out of my comfort zone! The first thing I notice is that traffic is being redirected from the centre of the village, signage is notifying competitors where registration is and there is a feeling in the air (nothing to do with it being minus 5 degrees) that something special, almost nerve wracking is about to start in the little village. Now we have all felt pre-race nerves, even when we are competing purely as an enthusiast but we have also felt that sense of welcome, excitement and community at a sport and recreation event. This was a small community event but what distinguishes sporting events between other events in my opinion are their ability to attract people into doing something that oddly enough seems crazy, for example: let’s go and run as hard as I can for 17km and while I’m at it my body is fighting below zero tempertaures! There has been plenty of research into the connections between community and sport and recreation participation. Positive impacts on the community include enhanced confidence and self-esteem, empowerment of disadvantaged groups, reduction in crime, generation of employment and income, improved health and environmental conditions and many more. With this in mind it’s clear to see that with the ongoing support of the community towards events and the influx of money that an event can bring to a community there are many positive direct and indirect outcomes. If this much excitement and positivity can be generated...

Homosexuality in Uganda

A topic that has arisen on more than one occasion as we talk to people about the Uganda Marathon is the attitudes to homosexuality in the country. In the last few years, Uganda has received a fair amount of bad press in this area, largely due to the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act. What didn’t receive nearly as much press attention was news of the act being overthrown by the courts in 2014. The Uganda Marathon is not a political organisation, we are a social enterprise that is completely concerned with the people and communities of Uganda. These are the people and communities where many rejoiced at the successful overturning of Anti-Homosexuality Act and are entirely unconcerned about who you love, so long as you show the same respect as you would in any other country. So if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and considering joining us for this great adventure, read this first hand account from our very own Lizzie Wright, who has spent a great deal of time in Uganda, and let that inform your decision. I think it’s fair to say that the Brits are culturally pretty uptight about public displays of affection- not least when it comes to displays amongst those of the same sex. As with many places across the world it is common in Uganda to see men holding hands. They hug for longer than most of our man folk would find comfortable. They sit with their hands on each other’s legs. Culture is never failing in its unique and fascinating manifestation. Think of the current debate around breastfeeding, a debate which whenever I’ve shared with a Ugandan...

Early Bird Extended & current flight prices

Early Bird Extended Good news for lovers of bargains. We’re working with a few organisations who have asked us to extend the early bird pricing until the end of January, so they have enough time to get the word out to their employees and supporters. We’re happy to oblige, but we thought we’d spread the the love to everyone- it doesn’t seem fair for two people signing up on the same day to pay a different price. So: the Early Bird has been extended! Until Saturday evening, 31st Jan you can sign up to the Full, Half or 4-person Relay marathon at sub £400 for the whole 6-7 day experience. This includes the following: 6 nights accommodation with a host family / hostel Breakfast & dinner every day Race T-shirt Locally crafted finisher’s medal Airport pickup 2-3 days of project visits Organisation of children’s fun run Your fee subsidises 5 local runners to take part Pre race pasta party Post race local beer Post race street carnival Donation to local NGO Prerace training support   Flights We’re constantly watching current flight prices. The good new is that there is a sale on at all the major airlines until the end of January, with some stretching to the end of February. From London, UK, flights are coming in at around £410 (as at 20th Jan) which means you could experience a week in East Africa, including taking part in an international marathon, for less than £800- all inclusive. We think that’s a pretty good deal!   See you on the Equator,...
2021 event open for registration. Our team are currently providing Covid-19 emergency reliefSee how here

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