Don’t make a New Years Resolution! – Get Inspired for a 2015 Plan

Christmas has now been on gone, we hope it was incredibly merry, argument free and filled with just enough training to keep you in shape but not too much to get in the way of the festivities!   So now as the New Year fast approaches, it’s as good a time as any to make […]

Meet Andy Bownds – Our Community Partnerships Manager

The Uganda Marathon is working to help projects all around Uganda, what makes this unique is that the money you raise will go to supporting the projects that you feel passionate about, the projects that you choose. Andy is our man in the field, finding the projects that you want to support and working with […]

Are You Able to Finish a Marathon? If You Decide, You Achieve

If you can run 1km, you can run 5km If you can run 5km, then it’s really not too hard to stay in rhythm to 10km distance If you can run 10km, then just that little bit more focus takes you to 21km, half marathon If you can run a half marathon then you are already […]

Don’t Let Ebola Stop you Exploring an Exceptional Continent

Ebola Map

There’s been an awful lot said about the Ebola outbreak – some ridiculous, some well considered and many bang between these two extremes. We’ve been asked a few times about Ebola, and whether its affected our preparations for the marathon. In short, absolutely not. The Ebola outbreak is over 3,000 miles away from Uganda- to […]