It’s hard to believe we’re in November already. Where has 2016 gone? Not too long ago, it felt like there were months left of the year. Now, there are weeks remaining.

But with a new year, comes new exciting opportunities. And one to consider is the Uganda Marathon, especially if the following appeals to you: travel, helping others, volunteering, fundraising, making new friends, exploring a new culture and taking on a physical challenge.

If these are things that resonate with you, then the Uganda Marathon (UGM) could be the adventure for you next June!

So far so good? Like what you’re hearing…but you’d like to know more? Well, you’ve come to the right place – here are 13 reasons to make the UGM apart of your 2017…


1. It’s unique 7-day adventure

There’s a reason the adventure is described as ‘A Week Like No Other’, as it combines several different things in a unique, fresh combination. In short, it’s a festival of volunteering, having new experiences, meeting new people, experiencing Ugandan culture and taking on a big challenge.

Last year’s itinerary included: two volunteer days at the charity projects, organising a sports day for local children, a day of self-exploration and hearing from inspirational individuals, visiting the local town, a pasta party, and Race Day. And that’s not to mention the numerous evening entertainment each night and drinks around the campfire.


2. It’s for runners of all abilities

You don’t need to be an experienced runner to participate in this challenge. On average, only 50% of people sign up to our event having run a marathon before. We’re always pleased to see a mixture of experienced and ‘newbie’ runners each year.

And even if you are brand-new to running…there’s plenty of time to train before June!


3. Fundraise and volunteer to make a real difference

We work closely with the charity projects we support to ensure that every penny fundraised is invested wisely. This means ensuring the money is spent in a way that is sustainable and long-term, benefitting the Uganda community for generations to come.

Your fundraising is about making a difference to the charity projects as a whole to leave a lasting legacy in Masaka, but also to make a difference to individuals on a personal level too.

Then, when you’re in Uganda, you’ll get to meet and work side-by-side with people the UGM supports, adding that personal touch to your experience.



4. Flexible fundraising

We want you to enjoy your fundraising experience, so there’s no pressure to raise a certain amount- you set the target. All we ask is you do your best!

There is also the option to choose who you fundraise for. You can choose to fundraise for all the projects, a specific one or a combination of two or three. You can also choose to fundraise for a UGM project and external charity of your choice, with up to a 50:50 split.

We want every mile you run and every penny you fundraise to be for a cause important to you, so it’s your choice who you fundraise for!


5. Course options

If you don’t feel the full 26.2-mile marathon is for you, there’s a half marathon (13.1 miles) and 10K option too. The choice is yours!


6. You’ll experience the race of a lifetime!

Regardless of which race you choose, it will be one to remember and unlike any you’ve experienced before. On Race Day you’ll join 3000 local runners and 200 international runners on a challenge through rural Africa, witnessing extraordinary views and having local Ugandans cheer you on. It truly is a very special way to see Africa…and don’t be surprised if some of the local children join you for stretches of the run!



7. This is your chance to help make a little bit of history!

The Uganda Marathon 2016 broke fundraising records in Uganda and became the county’s biggest public fundraising event raising over £188,000.

Now, we’re aiming to do the same again and raise even more money to help even more people and leave a lasting impact in Masaka that will make a difference for generations to come. Join us as we aim to make history once again in Uganda!

Plus, this is only our third ever event, so you’ll be joining a very select bunch!


8. Accommodation options

We have a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs, whether your preference is camping in the hills of rural Africa or staying in the comfort of a hotel. Choose from camping or glamping in Athlete’s Village, or stay in the best hotel in Masaka.



9. You’ll be joining a community

The UGM is much more than week-long adventure- it’s a community all year round. Throughout the year we hold a number of events such as training runs, parkruns, fundraising events, reunions and more. Plus, many of our runners stay in touch with each other after the event as they become such good friends during the week!


10. It has changed people’s lives

For all our runners, the trip is a chance to travel, gain new experiences, help others and take a break from the 9-5. But for some, it’s been the launchpad to make big life changes as a result of an experience they’ve had or person they’ve met in the week. After the event, past runners have moved out to Ugandan, moved abroad to other countries, gone traveling, set up their own charity projects, changed careers at home or launched their own businesses.

But for some, it’s been the launchpad to make big life changes as a result of an experience they’ve had or person they’ve met in the week. After the event, past runners have moved out to Ugandan, moved abroad to other countries, gone traveling, set up their own charity projects, changed careers at home or launched their own businesses.

So whether you would just like to broaden your horizons or are looking for a bigger change, often this is the adventure to make it happen!


11. You’ll receive a medal!

To mark your massive achievement in Uganda by participating in ‘A Week Like No Other, you’ll receive a very special medal as a memento, hand-crafted by the children at one of our projects, MRVC.



12. We’ll help!

Still a little nervous or unsure? Our expert team is on hand to provide support through your fundraising and training journey. Then we’ll be working hard in Uganda to ensure you have the best week ever in June!


13. Great feedback

We’ve received brilliant feedback from our participants over the last two years, since our first event in 2015. In fact, one in five of our 2016 runners described it as: ‘the best week of my life’!

Have a look at our testimonial blog to see more feedback from our runners.



If these reasons resonate with you, we’d love to see you in Uganda next year! Keen? Why not check out some more information on the seven-day adventure here, or if you’d like to see some of the finer details…our registration page.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you as well! 🙂

Why note make 2017 the year where you do something truly incredible, go on an adventure, get fitter and help a community reach its potential?