The 2015 Charity Projects

These were the projects that the 2015 runners raised money for

In 2015 the runners raised an amazing £73,000 for these 9 amazing charities

This money touched thousands of people's lives and made an impact across multiple communities. Read about this impact in our reports:

The Kiyumbakimu Children’s Village


TGG_Icon_Color_11The one that is full of love! Kiyumbakimu Children’s Village (KCV) is a Community Based Organisation providing full care and a secure upbringing for vulnerable children living in Masaka District. They provide hope to orphaned, abandoned and destitute children, creating new families and giving its children the best possible start in life.


Find out more about KCV and the impact of the 2015 marathon

The Bugabira School

TGG_Icon_Color_04The one that started it all! This school was the original Shauku foundation project. It has been supporting the local community and its 300 children for years, by providing quality affordable education that gives the kids a boost in life that would otherwise be completely unreachable.

Find out more about The Bugabira School and the impact of the 2015 marathon

Kitovu Mobile

TGG_Icon_Color_03The one that Fights the Spread of AIDS! Kitovu Mobile aims to create an empowered community with the ability to cope with HIV/AIDS and its impact. To improve the quality of life of people affected by HIV and AIDS, Kitovu Mobile works with communities in the areas of prevention, care support and capacity building.

Find out more about Kitovu Mobile and the impact of the 2015 marathon

Knowledge for Children

TGG_Icon_Color_04The one that gets kids reading! Knowledge for children Uganda operates to invest in the quality education for children in rural areas. Their vision is to invest in the knowledge of children and the knowledge of teachers, parents and the local community as a whole, they work tirelessly, contributing to communities’ self-reliance and improving the quality of education. In cooperation with and support of the government and their partners, they want nothing more than to raise the level of education to a structurally higher level in the rural areas of Uganda.

Find out more about Knowledge for Children and the impact of the 2015 marathon

Masaka School for Special Needs Education

TGG_Icon_Color_04The one that talks through the silence! The Masaka School for Special Needs Education used to be called the Masaka Deaf School, they accept all kinds of disabled students and begin by teaching them how to communicate so that they can learn. They have a dedicated team of specially trained teachers who support the children so that they are not cast aside because of their disabilities.

Find out more about Masaka SNE and the impact of the 2015 marathon

Support for the Elderly Person

TGG_Icon_Color_11The one where age is just a number! Elderly folk are one of the groups in greatest need in Uganda. There is no welfare or support structure for them, many have lost their entire families through HIV/AIDS and charity funding is concentrated on more ‘photogenic’ children’s causes. This means that they are often left to fend on their own.

Find out more about STEP and the impact of the 2015 marathon

Youth with a Vision

TGG_Icon_Color_08The one that stands against injustice! – Youth with a vision is a community-based youth network in Masaka district, solely and comprehensively embracing young people from all backgrounds. Their objective is to advance the education of young people and their communities in areas of academic, health/HIV/AIDS awareness, environment, human rights, poverty reduction strategies, job creation and employment skills, civic engagement, provision of facilities for recreation and other activities in the interest of social welfare.

Find out more about Youth with a Vision and the impact of the 2015 marathon

Treasureland School

TGG_Icon_Color_04The one that never gives up on a child! The Treasureland High School is a phenomenal institution that teaches over 50 disadvantaged children between 13-20 years. All of the students of the school have been unable to continue secondary education because they have not had the money to do so.

Find out more about Treasureland and the impact of the 2015 marathon

Masaka Vocational & Rehabilitation College

TGG_Icon_Color_11The one that stands against injustice! – The Masaka Vocational and Rehabilitation Centre aims to assist mentally and physically handicapped youths to learn a vocational skill so that they may be able to support themselves economically. Its mission is to promote the economic and social integration of young people with disabilities.

Find out more about MVRC and the impact of the 2015 marathon


With great sadness, we are postponing the 2020 Uganda Marathon to May 2021.Read our full update here

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