Not just a marathon… but 7 days of incredible adventure, friendship, challenge and fun in Africa:

Immerse yourself in the community

Stay in a beautiful woodland campsite overlooking stunning scenery with a bar, campfire and open air mess hall, party with the locals, eat the food, visit the community and experience African hospitality at its finest!

Hands on involvement with projects

You’ll visit the projects supported by the marathon. Spend time helping young people develop business plans, learn English, building a piggery to support elderly people, or constructing and painting playgrounds for primary schools – amongst others!


KidsRunWild is a day dedicated to the kids from the local schools and orphanages. The runners of the Uganda Marathon hold a sports day with sprints, egg & spoon races, face painting and lots of entertainment!

The 2017 Uganda Marathon Adventure

This is your itinerary and your adventure of a lifetime

It Begins! Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th May 2017

The adventure starts here! You’ll be met at the airport: expect a party atmosphere as hundreds of adventurers like you descend on tiny Entebbe airport. You’ll be stopping off at the Equator for a chance to see if water really drains in opposite directions either side of the line. Then – culture, art and language lessons before exploring the local village with our local staff. Eat the food, live like a local, connect with the regular people of Uganda.


On Wednesday you’ll spend the morning in the Masaka Vocational Rehabilitation Centre (MVRC) – a school for disabled youths to learn new skills – seeing exactly where your fundraised money has gone, and the lives you have changed.

In the afternoon, you’ll help finish construction and painting of a school playground and welcome the children to their school’s new addition! Then, plenty of games of football, tug of war and more. In the evening, back to camp for breakdancing and more!

This was an unbelievably touching and memorable day. After the initial shyness was overcome (more on my side than theirs), it was a chance to interact with the children one on one and learn of the incredible circumstances in which they ended up at the vocational school.
Although knitting hats and having a giggle with the children was, of course, something not to be missed, it was good to sit behind the same desk as them, on the same level and be taught by the same teacher, in order to get a true sensory experience of what life is like for them, disabilities and all!

Leah / 2015 UGM Runner

Thursday - Make a Difference Day

Thursday is Make a Difference Day. Whichever of the projects that you choose to raise money for or support, you will visit and see the direct impact that your money is having to the project and the people involved. You’ll meet the exact people you’ve helped and supported and learn about their lives and hopes for the future that you’re helping them realize! THANK YOU!


Friday - KidsRunWild & Football

To kick off the race weekend spectacle the international runners hosted a fun day for children from Masaka’s schools and orphanages at Liberation Square, giving them the chance to experience that finish line feeling. A day dedicated to fun runs, games, bouncy castles face painting and general fun. Our intrepid athletes marshalled the events, handing out finisher prizes, including not only medals but vital learning supplies including pens and exercise books.

In the late afternoon – a Uganda vs Rest of the World football tournament. Mixed teams, lots of fun and laughter!

Super Saturday!

Saturday is handed over to our friends at Escape the City plus some world record breaking adventurers and entrepreneurs.

It’s going to be an epic day of adventure, fun, challenge and putting your experience into context.

Then, down to the Hotel in town for a pool party – chilling on sun loungers by the pool and resting legs, before a pasta party and carbohydrate buffet feast in the evening, pre race briefing from the race and medical team, and then an early night before tomorrow’s action!

Sunday 4th June - Race Day

There are few more awe-inspiring sights in the world than seeing the sun rising over Africa, just the thought of it sends tingles down our spines…today, you will run under that sun, today you will kick off a new era for Masaka town, today, you will become a superstar.

The starting gun fires at 7am and you’re off For the next few hours they ran in some of the most amazing scenery that Africa has to offer. Supported round the course by cheering children, this is one of the toughest but most rewarding races on the planet. Not one to be forgotten easily!

At the finish line, there’s a huge free party for the whole town, then it’s back to the Athlete’s Village for a massage, BBQ and a party – before returning to the airport on Monday, or heading on to a safari or gorilla trek!



Moving on - Monday

Monday morning will see you wake up to the beautiful Ugandan sunrise, stiff and sore but elated from your achievement yesterday!

Have a long breakfast with all your new friends, watch the sun warm the Masaka Valley and then let us the you to relax on the shores of Lake Victoria whilst you wait for your flight home – or go on to a safari, gorilla trek or whitewater rafting!

Further Adventures!

Make this a bucket list, once in a lifetime trip…

You are more than welcome to stay on with us after the race as well!

If you want to see wildlife: two incredible National Parks, though you might find there are too many beautiful views and amazing animals for your Attenborough inspired dreams to comprehend.

If you like to feel adrenaline coursing through your veins: a bungee jump over the Nile River or white water rafting down the world’s longest river might just be the ticket.

You can also stay on and volunteer with the projects the marathon supports, really learning what life is like in Uganda.

If you want to relax; Lake Bunyonyi is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing places on earth. Canoe out to a private island, swim in the peaceful lake, maybe spy some of the rarest birds in the world (trust us on this one) – sit back, read your book…. the main problem you’ll have is working out how to inform your family you are never leaving Uganda.

Just contact us with your specific requests!



If you want a completely unique experience: Trekking to see Gorillas in the wild is the most astonishing thing you will ever do…nothing can prepare you for the rounding turning around in the middle of a wet, humid rainforest and come face to face with man’s nearest relative. Truly extraordinary.

We can help you lay your hands on the much sought after Gorilla Permits with relative ease; with all transport, accommodation, guides included before being whisked off to Queen Elizabeth National Park where you will fulfil your African safari dreams. This package makes your trip to race at the Uganda Marathon into a once- in- a- lifetime bucket list trip that will be the envy of all who cross your path!


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