The Uganda International Marathon - An Adventure Like no Other


The 2015 Uganda International Marathon was so much more than just a race. It was a life changing experience for runners, participants and the community around Masaka.


More than just a race – 7 days on the Equator combining volunteering, a festival and a race with international development.


We are using the huge influence of running to create a better world for people in Uganda.


The 2016 UK Running Awards

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 The Uganda International Marathon



A 7 day festival in rural Uganda

Spend time in Uganda, in a campsite situated on a beautiful sculpture park atop a hill. Immerse yourself in the daily life in rural Africa. Food, music, dance and more!

Volunteer with projects you have fundraised for

A big part of the event is fundraising for the local community. You’ll meet the exact people and see the exact projects you’ve impacted.

Organise the sports day for local disadvantaged children

Help orphaned and disabled children experience their very own special day. You organise the KidsRunWild sports day and let everyone in Masaka experience that finish line feeling

Run alongside the local community

Finish the week with a half, full or 10k alongside 3,000 Ugandan runners. International runners subsidise local entries – so as you run the marathon, you’re helping others to experience that same joy!

The first ever marathon event was held in May 2015:




In our first year we had 1,200 runners in the 10K, 21K and 42K options:

  • Runners came from 6 continents
  • 72 came for 7 days and raised money for projects
  • 1,100 were local Ugandans from the community, subsidised by international runners
  • Of which over 300 were student entrants, heavily subsidised by us

Pounds Raised

The event raised over £78,000 for charities and local projects in Uganda. This makes the first Uganda International Marathon the second largest fundraising event in Uganda. This year we are set to fundraise £250,000 – which would make us the largest public fundraising event in Uganda, ever.


of fundraising went directly to projects


The Uganda Marathon forwards 90% of the money raised directly to the projects it supports in the community along the race route. The other 10% goes towards charitable activities, such as paying for medical supplies and funding local staff to monitor project progress.


Local projects supported by the Uganda Marathon

The projects supported are led, owned and managed by Ugandans. Each project has a strong focus on sustainability. In 2015, 9 projects were chosen and supported – several of which are now completely self-sufficient and no longer require outside assistance!  This is the ultimate goal of our funding.

Here’s what the people who ran thought:


We have been shortlisted for 'Best International Event' in the UK Running Awards.


We’re up against some huge races – New York, Athens, Boston, Dublin and more! This is David vs Goliath – which means that every vote counts.

If we win, it means your vote has helped the event receive more exposure and help even more people in Uganda!

We are shortlised under ‘Running events’, then ‘International Event’. Thanks in advance!




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The marathon is not just a yearly event, we work all year round with the projects that are supported  by the runners who raise money


Our community support is built on 2 key principles:

Sustainable Development

Hand up not Hand out Giving

We are part of a Global Drive towards a better world

The Uganda Marathon works toward the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

To empower our runners to have the impact that are capable of, we don’t set fundraising targets or minimums, just the opportunity to support amazing people in Uganda directly. We give the opportunity to spend time with, and volunteer helping out, at the project you’ve supported, meeting the very people whose lives you have helped change. The 2016 Marathon is set to become the largest fundraising event in Uganda, ever – and you can be part of it – and of a global movement.

Find out more about our commitment to the communities of Uganda

Click to read our sustainable development report

Through our work with the community, thanks to the Uganda Marathon fundraising, we have already achieved so much in Uganda:


Built a chicken coop to provide an income for a primary school for disadvantaged children

Built a piggery to be farmed by a community of the elderly, so that they can support themselves

Kickstarted a financial scheme for youths, to help them down an entrepreneurial path. Taking equity to reinvest into future youths

Dug a well for a secondary school for disadvantaged kids, so they don't have to waste learning time walking to get water

The Masaka Running Club

Running for recreation is not nearly as widespread in Africa as it is in the west. Sport is not taught in schools and there is very little organised sport in rural areas.

Since UGM2015, Masaka has declared itself a running town. The Masaka running club was founded and is hugely popular. Kids, adults and the elderly are being shown the influence of running by the community who took part in the Uganda Marathon.

The Uganda Marathon Shop

One of our most recent projects is underway to get a shop in the town centre to sell items made by the projects that we support. Everything from keyrings and wooly hats from the MVRC to sanitary towels made by the Women’s Soroptimists can be bought, and all profits will go back to the projects.

Behind the Uganda Marathon is a team of 8 volunteers:

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In December 2014, the Uganda Marathon team left a range of London careers to organise the event and support the projects in Uganda. The time that is given to the event and the projects is almost exclusively voluntary and nothing can happen without these guys.



The Uganda International Marathon - as seen in...


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